2015, What Do You Have in Store?

For the last couple of years I’ve set new year goals for myself. My goals for 2014 are here if you care to take a look. But I’d rather not dwell on that shamefully unaccomplished list. Instead, I’m going to look forward. This semester has been, well, Hell. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much stress and anxiety as I’ve felt over the last 4 months. But this semester, and this year, have also been good. I’ve learned a lot especially about education and people with disabilities, taught in an elementary school classroom, switched my major to English, learned a lot about myself, lived in Indianapolis this summer, and made great memories with wonderful people.

This year, I’m going to keep my goals simple. I realized that having a long list can be overwhelming. Usually I can’t remember half of them anyway. Also, part way through the year some of the more specific ones tend to be abandoned. So for the more specific goals, the short-term ones, and the ones that arise later on in the year, I’ll make monthly goals. For my yearly goals though, this year I’m going to focus on things that are close to my heart, things I’ve wanted and been working on for a while.

1) Write
I love writing and I want to write more. Ideally I’d like to write something everyday–a blog post, a scene of fiction. I know it probably won’t happen and it would take a while before I get into any kind of habit. But I want to write more and embrace this passion.

2) Pray
I want to work on my relationship with God and being a better person. Daily mental prayer is the plan.

3) Be/Go/Do Something or Somewhere New
I don’t know what this is going to entail. But I have done some fun new things this year and I’ve loved it. So I want to keep going. I’m taking ballet next semester, I might be doing some traveling over the summer. We’ll see.



This last year, I had a word for the year: joy. And while I hadn’t planned to pick a word for this year, something struck me at Mass today. Adventure. God has led me on a wild adventure this last year and my whole life really. This new year is another step. But I think it’s going to be a big one. Regardless of what happens, life is an adventure. I want to live it and see what this new year brings.


August Goals

My monthly goals posts have always included a “better late than never” mentality regarding posting “deadlines”. Meaning, yeah, I’m a couple days late. But I usually am. (Maybe I should make one of my goals publishing on time.)

Anywho, July’s over and the ship has sailed on those goals. Below is a recap of July and then I’ll move onto August.2014 Goals August

You can see my reasoning (or lack thereof) for these goals in my July post.

July Goals

1) Write 5 blog posts/
-Result: ∅
Yeah…no. But I have been working on one that I hope to flesh out eventually and I’ve got a few ideas rattling around.

2) Compile my summer reading list
-Result: √
You can see my summer list as well as a list of a few of my favorite books here

3) Read: Finish “A Christmas Carol” and one other book
-Result: √

July was apparently good for book-related goals. I finished a Christmas Carol and read Catching Fire (which was great!).

4) Make a summer budget (spending limit)
-Result: √ (more or less)
I calculated how much I had already spent and set a limit for the rest of the summer. Then I divided that by the summer of weekends before I came home. So…I set a budget. Whether I kept to it is another matter.

5) Get ready for the new school year
-Result: not really…
This goal contained a lot: prepare for another year working with campus ministry, prepare for the semester, and all that. But I still have pretty much all of that to do.

6) Compile my road trip playlist take 2
-Result: still working on it…
I’ve started. But I don’t have a playlist–yet.

July was an ok month for goals. But I’ll be playing catch up for the next several days before I leave for school.

On to August!

August Goals

1) Blog! Darn it! (At least one post a week)
Last summer I blogged a lot. This summer I didn’t have as much free time and blogging definitely suffered. August is going to be a busy month…but I’m hoping to get a few blog posts in.

2) Set Semester goals
Yes, one of my goals is to set more goals.

3) Read one book
This will probably be one of the novels I have to read for seminar this semester. #englishminor

4) Set my schedule for the semester
When am I cleaning my room? When am I exercising? Working? Office hours? Classes start the 27th so I’ve got a few days to try out the schedule and make any needed adjustments before the end of the month.

5) Figure out how to save money/spend less this semester
Okay, I’m terrible with budgets. But something needs to be done. Maybe it will be that I put a certain amount every month or a set percentage of each paycheck into savings (where I won’t touch it!). I’m hoping to add to the “car fund”.


So there are my August goals. It’s going to be a busy month! Check back at the end of the month to see how I did!

July Goals

Where has time gone?!

I haven’t written monthly goals since…mm March. Wow. That’s bad.  It’s now July and the year is half over. Well it’s time to jump back in!

So, we’ve reached the midway point of the year. As a reminder here are my 2014 Goals which includes A Year of Blogging Well. So far, I haven’t been doing all that hot. But that’s why I need to get back to it!

 2014 Goals--July

July Goals

1) Write 5 blog posts
I’ve been really slacking on blogging this summer. Frankly, there’s not much time. But I’ve also been struggling with being inspired and I just need to find a few topics that work and write. This is actually a low number considering my goal of 100 posts this year (this is number 31 so far. eek. ).

2) Compile my summer reading list
Okay, so summer is half over…but I’m still going to make this. It’ll just be really, really, short.

3) Read: Finish “A Christmas Carol” and one other book
I’m reading Dickens for a class I’m taking in the Fall. I’m not sure what the other book will be but I’ve got quite a few I haven’t read yet.

4) Make a summer budget (spending limit)
It may be summer but that trip to the mall a week ago taught me a couple things, one being that I shouldn’t shop when I’m having a bad week unless I have a set limit. Budgets in general are just a good idea for me when I go shopping.

5) Get ready for the new school year
This goal contains a lot, mainly: prepare for another year working with campus ministry (finish planning usher and lector training, and plan the first bulletin of the year) and prepare for the semester (maybe start on semester goals, think about classes and books and such).

6) Compile my road trip playlist take 2
Last August when a friend and I road-tripped back to Kansas for our pre-year campus ministry retreat we each made a playlist. Now we’re doing the same thing again this August! Complete with playlists 🙂

So there are my July goals. It looks like a lot when matched with working 40 hours a week and still trying to have fun and be social with my roommate. But we’ll see what happens. Check back at the end of the month to see how I did!

February Goals Review / New March Goals

Happy March! Is Spring here yet?
Despite it being cold, February was a good month for goals. 🙂

2014 Goals--February

February Goals

1) Finalize and follow a budget plan

I actually do have a way to budget now. I have a dollar amount that I won’t to succeed for the semester which averages to a certain mount every week. I have a spreadsheet and enter my receipts on it. I’ve set it up to calculate how much I’ve spent so far. Not going to lie. It’s almost Spring Break and I’m more than halfway to my dollar amount. It’s not too bad. But I also haven’t put in my Friday Walmart trip–that was a big one. Still, I have a system and now know where I am financially and where my current path is taking me.

2) Re-examine goal 4 of my year-long goals and figure out how I can incorporate limited technology time in my life

I didn’t do this one. I can’t quite make up my mind what I want to do about this. An internet free day? or maybe just social media free? Or set times every day? I think, in general I just need to have more self control about random internet surfing, pinteresting, blog reading, and buzzfeed quiz taking when I should be studying. So, for now, I’m putting this goal aside.

3) Pray and decide if and how I want to be a part of Campus Ministry next year.

Well, I applied and had my interview. I’m thinking I’ll probably just come back to the same position. But that’s okay with me I think. I’ve still got work to do.

4) Write 10 blog posts

Let’s see…darn it. I only wrote 7. But by tomorrow I should have 3 more  (including this goals one). That will also finish my 7 posts in 7 days (a blogging challenge hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary).

5) Continue reading just-for-fun books 🙂

Yep. It’s slow going but I did start Insurgent. So I’m going to call this one good.

Overall, I did pretty good. Not stellar but not too shabby either. Now, what does this month have in store?


March Goals

1) Set aside two hours a day for homework time and three hours on Saturday

I’ve been playing around with the idea and I think I just need to do it. Lately, I’ve fallen behind on readings and the like and it’s just not okay with me. I get so easily distracted, I procrastinate. But at the end of the day I love feeling like I’ve accomplished something. And when I don’t do my homework I don’t get that feeling. And I don’t get as much out of class. So, I propose two dedicated hours (I can adjust it to be longer or shorter if I deem necessary) a day for homework. When I say dedicated I mean locked in my room (or at work), not even a smidgen of social media, no laptop unless necessary for the homework itself dedicated. So 2 hours Monday-Friday and 3 hours on Saturday. They don’t have to be in a row but long stretches are better than short bursts for sure. And obviously if I get done with all my homework before I’m done, I can stop.

2) Finish Insurgent and start another book

I don’t think this will be hard especially if I take Insurgent home for break next week.

3) Set my 4 year plan

I need to talk to advisor and one of the honors program chairs to discuss the next 2 years of my life. I’m almost halfway done with college and I really just need to sit down and decide how this is going to go (at least I feel like I do).

4) Write 10 blog posts

Especially with break, I’m hoping I can make this goal in March though I didn’t in February.

5) Find a weekly or even daily cleaning time

This is one of my year-long goals but i really want to tackle it sooner rather than later. I’m definitely the messy one in my room and though I’ve generally been doing better about keeping my desk clean I haven’t been doing better keeping up with my dishes.


Check back in next month to see how I did!

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 35) About Teaching and Reading, oh, and Valentine’s Day

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary!

— 1 —

Happy Valentines Day! Or if you prefer, Singles Awareness Day 😉 Today I read this article from catholicsistas.com about the single life called “The Dilemma and Joy of Being Single”. It was a really good piece. One of my favorite quotes was “if you are a single woman, you are able to mother everyone”. It’s so true. In a paradoxical way it makes me see what people mean when they say that being single is being free. The vocation of being a wife and mother requires a woman to devout herself to her family. It’s a beautiful vocation. A single woman, on the other hand can devout herself to others. But as the article reads “either vocation, married life or single/virginity, entails giving up something in order to be fruitful in some way”. That’s living your vocation. While I’m always looking ahead to my vocation in life I should also remember that

— 2 — 

So, I didn’t write my quick takes last week…in fact I haven’t blogged since the first. That’s terrible. Last week, though, was pretty crazy. I turned in my portfolio to the education department on Friday. It was a huge weight off my shoulders. I was working down to the last hour I could. Then it was done. I spent Saturday making muffins and reading and just relaxing after that craziness.

— 3 —

I then had my interview on Monday. A teacher from the education department and another woman interviewed me. I think it went well. I’ve also been doing lesson planning lately for my classes. I really liked the first one I did. The second one I found the format annoying. But it’s exciting to be doing real teacher stuff! 🙂

— 4 —

I read Divergent! That’s what I was reading last weekend. I finished it last night. It was pretty good. But mostly it just feels good to reeead! And to have finished a book. It makes me happy. I’m keeping right up with my #5 year-long goal and with one of my February goals. It makes me feel less busy and so good to have found time made time to read just for fun.

— 5 —

I guess the reason why is JOY. It’s my new philosophy if you will. It’s a new way of living for me. A motto. I haven’t put it into a post of its own (yet!) but essentially JOY is about not letting little things get to me and stress me out. It’s keeping on top of things. It’s not being freaked out about stuff over which I have no control.

— 6 —

Speaking of goals…I still need to redefine goal #4 of my year-long goals. I have some thoughts but I think I’ll put this into its own post and discuss more reasons for wanting to have some technology-free times. In general my goals aren’t doing too hot. But it’s only February. If I had everything checked off by now those would have been really lame goals. Speaking of which, my February goals are looking good, except for the whole write 10 blog posts thing. I need to step it up on that one.

— 7 —

One more take about education. (Clearly teaching is on my mind.) Another article I read this week was about Common Core and how it devalues literature. It’s true. What happened to reading for reading’s sake? What happened to literature and books as art? Literature is good for the soul and the character. Have we forgotten that? I got a happy surprise at the end of the article when I discovered it was written by Anthony Esolen who will be coming to speak on campus on Monday.

As always, I’ll be back next friday with more quick takes!

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7 Quick Takes (Vol. 33) My Life This Week

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary!

— 1 —

It has been a good week. To start it off right, Sunday was beautiful (not weather-wise of course). I went to Mass in the morning and worked with the new sacristan (my rooomate). Then in the evening I watched Sherlock. It was good. SPOILER: it wasn’t completely satisfying. But of course, that’s Steven Moffat for you.

— 2 — 

Several people I know were gone on the March this week. The buses from our college left Monday afternoon and got back late last night. It was different this year staying on campus and watching so many others go. The campus ministry office was practically empty. But I certainly wasn’t idle while they were gone. As part of my work with campus ministry I organized a 24 hour period of eucharistic adoration for people to pray for those on the march. Last night I wrote a short post on my thoughts about staying back and praying rather than going out and marching.

— 3 —

I’ve also been very productive this last week. I’m probably going to break that streak this weekend, but it was nice while it lasted. 😉 I actually read for fun. I started Divergent by Veronica Roth, but I haven’t gotten far enough through it to give a well-informed review. But it was so good to read, to just curl up with a good fiction book. I’ve missed this, as I said before.

— 4 —

This week I also finally got my work schedule which means I can make my weekly schedule up. I talked about this goal of setting up a weekly schedule in my goals. I don’t want to be too strict and structured though, because I’m realizing that I don’t neccesarilly need to. I’ve actually had a really good system so far this semester. At night, as I go to bed, I make a list of things I need to accomplish the next day. In the morning I put the list in my clutch with my phone and keys where I can refer to it all day and check things off as I do them, circle priorities, and add things as they arise.

— 5 —

Today I observed in a public elementary school as part of my art and music methods class. I think was the first time I was ever in a public elemntary school class. It was interesting watching the interaction between the teacher and his students. It was little different than what I observed in the Catholic school last year. And in general, it gave me more positive feelings towards working in a public school. I still want to work in a Catholic school ideally. But if all I can find is a small public school…I think I would be fine.

— 6 —

I’ve also realized that before college I’d never been in a traditional classroom. In preschool and kindergarten I went to a montesorri school. 1st-12th grade I was homeschooled. I had a couple online classes though, and co-op classes which were like traditional classes excpet they were taught by our parents and I was often in them with at least one sibling…so maybe not quite the same. So, despite my inexperience with traditional schooling I came into college wanting to be a teacher. Huh.

— 7 —

Goals review. The month is winding to a close and I need to start thinking ahead to my first goals review of the year. I only had a few goals for January but I still realize I need to get on those and finish them up before the month comes to a close. So wish me luck with those!  And check back in next weekend for my review.

As always, I’ll be back next friday with more quick takes!

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7 Quick Takes (Vol. 32)

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary!

— 1 —

I’m back at school! I’ve had 3 days of classes so far. I’ll have my night class for the first time next week. Everything’s going fairly well, especially all things considered. I’m taking World Civ II, Philosophy of Nature, Second Semester Spanish, Elementary PE Curriculum, Math for Elementary Teachers 2 and my night class, Integrated Art and Music Methods (an education class). I’m feeing fairly confident about this semester. It’s going to require  perseverance, but I can do this.

— 2 — 

My goals are going fairly well. I haven’t been able to figure out my weekly schedule yet because I don’t know my work schedule yet. I also need to review my goal about social-media-free Saturdays. Other than that goals have been going well. I’m tracking my spending, eating (mostly) well, and I even exercised yesterday.

— 3 —

I’ve also picked a word for this year! I was at Mass last week and just felt so good and such JOY. I’m always praying for peace. But by peace I mean freedom from worry and troubles. For me, joy is about growing where I’m planted and being happy and joyful despite the situations, to not sweat the small stuff…or even the big stuff, I guess.

— 4 —

Apparently I should live in paris… I took a buzzfeed quiz. It said I was an “artist, philosopher, and daydreamer” which is totally accurate. And I do want to go to Europe sometime. *sigh* Maybe someday. But just for a visit….like maybe a 2 year long visit. 😉

— 5 —

Sherlock starts on Sunday! At least here in the US. I’ve had to be careful about spoilers on Pinterest and the like. But in about 48 hours I will be soaking in the fabulous writing and acting. There are few shows that I follow. Sherlock is one of them.

— 6 —

Tonight I’m going to a Honky-Tonk. Yep. It’s a funny word. But it should be fun. It’s put on in part by the campus swing club. Tomorrow I’m going to a short retreat specifically for sophomores. Then Sunday will be my first Mass back on campus. I’d also like to see Frozen this weekend, but we’ll see.

— 7 —

Ok. So this post really doesn’t live up to my higher standards for myself as I set out in my Year of Blogging Well challenge. But next week is a new week. And I will be back next Friday with more quick takes! 🙂

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7 Quick Takes (Vol. 30) A Goals Link-up, The Book or App Dilemma, Randomeness

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary!

— 1 —

Happy New Year! 2014 is off to a good start for me and I hope it is for you too. I’ve been blogging and staying on top of that. Eating well. Praying. And I even finished a draft of one of the essays I need to write. Still have several more to go though and not much time. There is one glaring omission amidst all this good. But it’s nothing I can’t bounce back from.

— 2 —

New Goals and a goals link-up. My first post of this new year was my 2014 goals. Check it out and let me know what you think! I also joined up with Laura for the first of her goals link-ups. Looks like she plans on doing them monthly as a way for bloggers who set goals to encourage each other. Sounds like a great idea! If you write monthly goals (or want to start) go check out her link-up!
So far my goals are off to a good start. Of course, it’s only been 3 days. And most of my goals won’t really come into their own until I get back to school.

— 3 —

Tomorrow marks the first Saturday of the new year and so it will be the first of my weekly computer-free days. Or at least, it should be. However, I’ve decided to amend that particular goal. Going without my computer is just not feasible nor is it responsible. Take tomorrow for example. I should be writing papers. Additionally, I am supposed to check my email everyday to keep up with ministry work. So. The new goal is to be internet-free (excluding school email and maybe Pandora and of course Netflix and all that) for one day every week. No Pinterest, Twitter, blogging, or Facebook. I’ll still be able to answer texts and FB messages via text though. So yes, tomorrow is the first of my limited technology Saturdays. Wish me luck!

I’ll have to monitor this goal and see if I need to adjust it again in the future. For tomorrow (and probably the rest of my time at home) I’ll try this.

— 4 —

Book or App? So remember how last week I was looking at all these different books I wanted to get? Well I’m also considering buying this one.

Shorter Christian Prayer

It has the prayers for liturgy of the hours morning and evening prayer. But….I already have an app on my ipod that has all this book has and more. Still, it’s a book. I like books. I also don’t carry my ipod with me normally. So is it worth it?

— 5 —

I found it! I’ve been thinking for months that I need a clutch. Something simple for my phone, keys, ID card, coffee shop punch card and maybe a few other things. I was out with my mom today and came across the perfect wallet. On clearance. For $6. I love finding good deals!

— 6 —

Only 9 days until I go back to campus! It will be nice to get back early to catch up on some work, and de-clutter my room before the semester starts. I’ve always said it would be nice to be on campus without having anything to do. Sadly, even though I’ll be back with 2 solid days before class I’ll still have things to do, work to accomplish, etc.

— 7 —

Also, Wisconsin weather is not always fun. Wind chills will be dropping to -50 in the next couple days. And snow will be blowing. And you’ll probably loose a finger to frostbite if you go outside. Now I know we’re supposed to be known for our chilly weather but this is unusually extreme.  If you live in the area, stay safe! Better yet, just don’t go out Monday or Tuesday.

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My Goals for 2014

It’s a new year! For me, that means it’s time to set new goals. Yesterday I reviewed my 2013 goals. Now it’s time to decide what I want to do in 2014.

Those listed below will be goals for the whole year. Here’s hoping this will be a great year for all of us!

2014 Goals

1) A Year of Blogging Well
If you’ve been following my blog you’ll have heard of this blogging challenge I’ve given myself for 2014. It involves writing 100 posts during the year, including more pictures, and generally giving this blog some attention.

2) Give Time to God in Prayer Every Day
This might be adoration, rosary, the liturgy of the hours, or just meditation/journaling. The important thing is making a commitment to this. Every. Day. It should be a time for me to lay everything at His feet and just remember that He is the most important thing.

3) Budget–even if it kills me 
I don’t like playing the guessing game of “how much is there now?” when I log into my bank account. I need to keep track of my expenses. More importantly though, I need to be thrifty as I save up for a car (eventually).

4) Be Computer-Free One Day a Week
I can still watch movies on netflix and check my texts. I’m not talking about going completely offline. But I think it’s important for me, and perhaps many of us, to get away from the distraction and pointless noise of computers–and especially the internet. This will be Saturdays for now.

Since I went off to college it’s been difficult to read. Most evenings I spend doing homework, watching TV occasionally, and/or who am I kidding mostly (you guessed it) on the computer. I have a list as long of my arm of books I’d like to read. It’s time I got down to it. I miss the days when I would check out 5 books from the library every 2 weeks.

6) Make Time for Other Hobbies
I’d like to crochet again (my roommate and I have been talking about it). I miss drawing too. I love to draw. It would be nice to once in a while spend a lazy Sunday afternoon doing something fun and constructive.

7) Make Exercise a Regular Part of My Life
I know this won’t happen right away. I also know it probably won’t happen at all over breaks. But at least while I’m at school it would be nice to get some exercise. That might mean a workout video or just going swing dancing Sunday night. I could also go to the pool on campus or use the tennis court right next to my dorm (after it warms up a bit)

8) Commit to a Weekly Cleaning Time for My Dorm Room
In general, I just want my life to be more organized and clean-cut. Keeping my dorm room clean should hopefully help de-clutter my life too. It should also help me to not feel like a fail of a roommate. I’m fairly good about not leaving stuff on the floor for my roommate. Instead, my mess stays on my desk (and that area), inside my closet, and under my bed. I’d like to keep these areas tidy. Hence, a once-a-week cleaning time.

In addition to these year-long goals, I’ll also be posting goals for each month. Then I’ll review them at the end of the month when I set the following month’s goals. Some of my monthly goals may reflect or even duplicate my year-long goals, others may be completely unrelated. Before I finish here, I want to list my monthly goals for January too.

January Goals

1) After I get back to school, clean up my room in preparation for this new semester

2) Figure out my schedule in a typical week of this semester (including exercise, reading time, homework time, weekly cleaning etc)

3) Write 8 blog posts

4) Come up with a budgeting plan

In addition, I want to keep up with/work on my new year’s goals: praying every day, no computer on Saturdays, etc

So there you have it, my new goals including 8 things for me to do in 2014. These goals will take diligence. It’s going to be a challenging year but a good one. If I succeed I will have cause to be proud of the person I become. Hopefully, putting these goals down in writing and publishing them here will encourage me to accomplish them. I’ll also be posting them on the wall in my room when I get back to school.

I’d love to here about your New Year’s resolutions or goals. Leave a comment below!

2013: Goals in Review

Normally, the end of the month would signal a review of the month’s goals and the setting new goals for the upcoming month. But this is New Year’s Eve…so it’s time for something a little bit more.

I’ll be saving my new year’s goals for tomorrow. But today it’s time to see how not only this month, but this year, has gone in terms of goals and other accomplishments.

December has been…well, not too bad actually.

Here were my goals for December:

1) Survive finals


2) Finish Rediscovering Catholicism


3)Work on Summer Internships–email archdiocese, pick 3-5 solid possibilities 

No. Not really.

4) Write a letter to my future self before Christmas

Um, well I didn’t write it before Christmas. But I wrote something (quickly and without much editing or rewriting).

5) Write at least one of the five essays I need to write over break.

I’m almost done with one of them and started on another. So I’m going to call this good.

6) Before I get home, make a list of things to do over break

I did do this actually.


Now onto this whole year…

1) donate blood.

Check! This was something I really wanted to do. And I did it back in April.

2) get my license.

Well…I have my test on Friday. So, not in 2013 technically. But I should be getting it soon and I’m excited! 🙂

3) write a letter to myself to open in the future.

(See above)

4) figure out how I can study/travel abroad.

This was a long process. Right as my summer started I was obsessed with studying abroad. I have 2 pinterest boards (one on travel and one exclusively on Ireland) that just go to show that yeah, I was crazy about the idea. But the realization came that other things might be more important. And that it would cost a lot of money. Eventually, slowly, I’ve set the idea aside and moved on. Also, at this point with what classes I want to take and the requirements of the Honors Program it’s just not going to work. All of this together makes this goal obsolete.

5) work on learning Spanish (unless I’ve chosen Italian).

I chose Spanish because I love it. I’ve gone through one challenging semester and will be starting semester 2 in a couple weeks.

6) create melted crayon art.

No, I never did this. I did some drawing with charcoal though.

7) go on a shopping adventure.

I did go shopping with one of my girlfriends from high school. We had a nice trip. I also went shopping over fall break and got some cute boots and a new top.

8) get a summer job.

Yes, I did thankfully find a summer job. It was interesting to see how my faith intersected with this secular workplace. Overall the 6 weeks I worked at that cafe were quite an experience.

9) take a summer class or 2. 

This follows along the same lines of #4. I was going to do it. But it wound up not being worth it. So my goals changed. Or rather, this smaller goal fell in line with larger goals of graduation etc.

10) read 5 new books.

Ha-ha. Last year I said this was “kind of a low number” for me. But I only read one book for fun/enrichment this year: “How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul”. I wrote a review for it too. I’m working through my second book but it’s slow going. I never have/make time at school for pleasure reading.

11) visit a religious community/ go on a retreat with one.

Didn’t do this. I did had a great conversation with a holy nun. That conversation led to this post about discernment.

12) write more.

I was speaking specifically of fiction writing. But that hasn’t really happened this year. But that’s ok. It’s not a big priority anymore.

13) be a better person.
a) pray more.

no comment.

b) be more diligent but don’t take things so seriously.

This is hard to tell. I think I’m still working on it.

c) laugh more, worry less.

Haha no. I worry all the time. But you know, I actually do manage to laugh things off.

This year has had its ups and downs. It’s crazy to think about. I’ve had some good ups and some really bad downs. But that is life. And God has led me through it all despite myself. This year has taught me about goals, especially how my priorities can change. Also, doing this review has shown me there will always be certain things I struggle with…at least for now.

A year ago when I made my goals I was full of high-minded ideas. Now, 365 days later I’m glad to say I’ve accomplished most of them and don’t feel too many regrets about those I didn’t accomplish.

Check back in tomorrow for my goals for 2014!