What I Wore Sunday Vol. 1

This is a new series I’m giving a try. It’s a link-up of Catholic women who share the church-appropriate and stylish things they wear to Mass each Sunday. I’ve seen this link-up before and have thought about joining. Now, I finally am.

I had a great Sunday. As part of my work with campus ministry I assist the sacristan at the morning Mass. Today, Mass had a few hitches. But nothing too bad. Nothing caught on fire and everyone had the chance to receive  Jesus. I call that successful. 

Without further ado this is what I wore today:

I’ve got some funky glare going on with my glasses…oh well.

The outfit:

Dress: from a local thrift shop
Cami: Wet Seal
Shoes (my standbys): Payless

Hope you had a good Sunday!