Life: It’s Going…

I have been on less-than-intentional hiatus from this blog for much longer than I would have liked. I’ve considered blogging several times and even thought about starting a completely new blog for this new chapter in my life. But I’ve decided against it for the immediate future.

One reason is that I don’t want my blog to be “a teacher blog”. Or even “a Catholic teacher blog”. It’s not that I don’t like those kind of sites. In fact, I often browse them for lesson ideas and the occasional dose of humor. However, as a first-year teacher, school is what I eat, sleep, and breathe. So it’s nice to have a little corner of my life that’s not all about that. This corner can be just me, not teacher-me or post-grad-me or any other label.

The stress of inhaling nothing but lesson plans, powerpoints, quiz grades, parent emails, and school generally is what has finally driven me to write again. So…I guess you could appreciate my insanity. You’ve gotten this far in the post so I assume you’re at least vaguely interested in what I’m saying and you have the craziness of my life to thank for that.

It’s not that I don’t love my job. I do. Deep down.
I just don’t like every part of it.

Let me bring you up to speed. In May, I graduated. Since then I’ve been offered 2 jobs in 2 different states, took the one in my hometown, moved back in with my parents, crunched financial numbers until I realized that being a Catholic school teacher with a mountain of private school debt who lived on her own was impossible if I wanted to be out of debt before I’m 30, bought a car, volunteered at a conference, adjusted to my new life as a middle/high school Theology teacher, juggled classroom management and grading and lesson planning and everything else, took my car on a road trip to the alma mater and there visited with good friends.

If that wasn’t enough adult adventures, last week I was driving to work when another car failed to yield and drove right into me. My car is going to be totaled and my hatred of round-abouts has increased and been justified. In the wake of the accident I’ve had backache and a headache that wasn’t just from the accident (see: middle school teacher).

So, here I come back to this blog a single, broke catholic school teacher. But at least, I think, my sarcasm is intact. I shall be chronicling my adventures as a new teacher, an adult who is still learning how to be one, and (that seeming paradoxic) a Catholic young adult.

And why have I returned? Because I need an outlet and a break. Blogging, for me, has often been a way to process things. Especially now that I no longer live with my closest friends, I think it will be helpful.

And if not, I at least hope it will be amusing to read.

Here’s to a new Beginning.

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4 thoughts on “Life: It’s Going…

  1. Glad to have you back! *whispers: I haven’t blogged since February*

    My car was also totaled this year, and it sucks. I did get a lovely new-to-me replacement, and I appreciate it, but in the midst of dealing with a totaled car, everything sucked. Hope your situation gets worked out quickly and smoothly!

    • Thanks! It’s good to hear from someone who’s been where I am. The car situation is slowly improving but there’s no replacement yet. Hopefully soon *fingers crossed*.

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