NAS: “Typical Day”

Let’s get back in the swing by sharing what our typical day is like! Tell us however you like, minute by minute or a blurb about your day! Be sure to answer these questions:
– what is your favorite part of your day?
– what is your least favorite part of your day?
– are you making any changes to your daily routine now that the new year has begun?

not alone5

Oh! It’s been so long since I did one of these!

Well, right now I’m in that weird work- and family-filled hiatus between semesters. Breaks are like a second life all their own. I’m surround by different people in a different state doing totally different things. This Christmas Break I’m working. But seeing as how that’s not how I spend 8 months out of the year I’ll focus on life during the school year.

Sometime o’clock am (depending on the first class or obligation of the day is)
Wake up, grab a bite (sometimes), gather my stuff and go.

Classes and/or work in the campus ministry office. This semester I’ve got an 8am on Tuesdays and Thursdays to start.

Usually a sandwich or salad from the to-go place on campus

More classes or ministry work or student worker work

Usually dinner at 5. After that homework, hanging out with friends and maybe a club meeting, talk, or social event. I might also work in the evenings.

It might not look like much but I certainly keep busy. I take between 15 and 18 credits a semester. And I recently switched my major to English to I’m seeing a lot of reading in my future this semester as well. I work for our campus ministry program (there’s about 50 students who do) compiling and editing the weekly bulletin and the 3 newsletters we send out to donors every year. I also have a student worker job. To make money, I proctor tests about 5 hours a week. Most days last semester I left my dorm room in the morning before 8am and didn’t come back until around 5 or 6pm. Which I guess is like having a real job. Only I have homework to do after that.

On to the questions!

What is your favorite part of your day?
I suppose my favorite part of the day in the evening when the largest chunk of the work is done and I can sit and relax. On nights when I don’t have a lot of homework, I love being able to spend hours talking to friends and relaxing. I might catch up on my TV shows, or watch a movie with a roomful of friends or just one of my roommates. I also enjoy the random trip to the perpetual adoration chapel next door. 🙂

What is your least favorite part of your day?
My least favorite part of my day is probably the morning. I’m not really a morning person. I like my sleep too much. The snooze button and I are old friends.

Are you making any changes to your daily routine now that the new year has begun?
As far as changes, I’m hoping to add in exercise 2 or 3 times a week, as well as a scheduled prayer time. Those are the big changes.

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2 thoughts on “NAS: “Typical Day”

  1. I have an English degree, too! It’s the best major. People always think, “what are you going to do with *that*?” The secret is that you can do *everything* with that degree.

    Having a regular prayer time is so important. Staying faithful to mine gets me through spiritual drought and helps me grow in faithfulness (to my commitment and in general).

    • It’s true there’s actually quite a bit you can do with an English degree. Right now I’m thinking of either going into editing or being a high school English teacher.

      I’m glad to hear how your prayer time benefits you. Definitely something to keep in mind as I work on setting up my own daily prayer schedule. 🙂

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