7 Quick Takes (Vol. 42) Reasons to Consider Home Schooling

— 1 —

Apparently May is Home Schooling Awareness Month. So, in honor of that I present 7 reasons to consider home schooling. I’m not a parent but I was home schooled growing up. I’m a firm believer in placing the student in the educational environment best for them. For some students, that may be at home.

Without further ado, #1:

Because why not? Just consider it. Think about it. Pray about it. It’s an option, so look at it.

— 2 — 

Freedom of time.
You can vacation/visit colleges/pop over to grandma’s whenever you want. You can take a day off if you just really need one. Your kids (and you) can sleep in late. Or they can get all their school work done before lunch. It’s learning on your time.


— 3 —

You can watch and appreciate videos like this:

And this:

— 4 —

Freedom of learning.
If your eighth grader wants to read the Sherlock Holmes stories, great! There’s English! Throw in some Kipling and Bronte, have them discuss the books and write papers. Suddenly bam! Your child can add “Victorian Literature” to their transcript and they get to read what they enjoy. Or maybe your sixth grader excels in science. Well then let them! Give them a challenge. Do fun experiments. Teach your kids what you want them to learn. This applies especially to values. When you’re the one doing the educating you decide what lessons your kids take away.

— 5 —

Math can be fun.

homeschool homework

— 6 —

Individualized learning.
I really enjoyed this part of being home schooled. In high school I was able to concentrate in the areas at which I excelled and was given more time in the areas where I didn’t. People learn differently and express their learning differently. It can be tricky, I imagine, when you’re trying to keep straight and cater to each student in a class of 25. If you home school you could maybe let your kids write short historical fiction pieces instead of reports. Or watch videos about math. Or do more hands-on work. It’s up to you. The point is  learning can be how they learn best.

— 7 —

You get to be in the cool kids club.

via morguefile
via morguefile

Okay, maybe that sounds exclusive. But if anyone asks if you think home schooling actually works, you can just show them this list of world-changers and success stories. Add to the list Josh Hutcherson, Einstein, and so many others. No need to worry. It can work. So why not consider it?

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes (Vol. 42) Reasons to Consider Home Schooling

    • That video’s funny! I’ll admit I was a bit of a homeschoolER growing up. But being a shy child didn’t help me much! 😛
      I have a friend who’s told me that before she met me and some of her other friends who were home schooled she had a very narrow and stereotypical view of home schooling. It’s kinda funny actually.

    • Hm, I don’t notice that before but those really should be regular fractions not mixed fractions or they should have put the number of years/months (??) total.

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