7 Quick Takes (Vol. 41) Struggs, a Rant, the End of the Semester, and Maybe I’ll Miss School

— 1 —

It’s been a while since I did a Quick Takes Post…or much blogging at all for that matter. Frankly, I’ve been lacking motivation for a lot of things lately. Including class. No, I didn’t skip. But I wanted to…oh, how I wanted to.

For an overview of my life lately see 25 Signs You’re So Over This Semester. It’s freaky accurate. No I haven’t resorted to dry shampoo or completely stopped taking notes. But microwave food? Yep. No desire to clean? Check. Massive procrastination? This blog post is evidence of that I think.

— 2 — 

This semester could end today and that would be totally ok. I’ll take my grades as is and leave for the Summer. Give me some time to recharge and I’ll be back in August. But please let it end. I’ve came to a breaking point this week. After staying up until 5am watching the double canonization on Saturday I stayed up until 2:30 on Monday night writing a paper. I managed to drag myself out of bed in time for 10:50am Spanish test yesterday. But promptly took a nap that afternoon. This has been…a struggs week. A massively struggs week. If you don’t know (i.e. aren’t from kansas or the surrounding area) struggs means struggles, struggling. It’s a word I’ve adopted since coming to school here, mostly because it perfectly summarizes the feelings of despair, frustration, and problems in one syllable. So yes, this week has been struggs. It’s also been crazy. I’m pretty sure every one of my suitemates is done with this semester, some more than me. There have been interesting conversations at 12:30 at night and more than one evening of Walmart adventure this week.

— 3 —

Moving on to Summer…after a week at home I’ll be working with the Little Sister of the Poor. I’m getting really excited and started looking up things to do in the city I’ll be in. I know it’s going to be great! And great for me. For the record, though, I’m pretty sure that life is not what I’m called to. Don’t worry, I’ve thought about it. A lot.

— 4 —

A funny thing happened today. So, to completely switch gears, I had my Spanish Oral exam today. After my professor commented on my knack for the language and said she hoped I would take more Spanish. Then, as I was leaving her office, I ran into my history professor. He randomly asked me (first thing out of his mouth) what my major was. I told him education. He went on to say “because you’re really good at history” and asked if I had considered a minor.
If only there were enough credits in a semester…Actually, if money was no object I would gladly stay in school an extra year, or maybe even two. I’d also study abroad. The fact is though, that I have to be realistic. (Though I might just check what would happen if I did switch my major.)

I just hope that years from now my future students will realize that I could have majored in many things but chose to serve them and educate them on not only reading and math but also on how to be proper humans beings. I hope they’ll recognize that what I chose to dedicate my life to was them and their education. I hope they see that with my gifts an abilities I tried to make our education system better for them and children throughout the country.

*end of rant*

— 5 —

My professors are also part of the reason I love this school so much. After my Spanish oral exam I stayed and chatted with my professor for a moment. She has proved to be one of my favorite teachers. In fact, Spanish class is one of the bright spots of my day. She’s great, my classmates are great, and the subject is one I like. I didn’t like this professor at first, but she has really grown on me. I find that there’s a few teachers like that. In the end, I value the lessons they taught me (and I don’t mean the subject) and come to appreciate them.

I can only hope I’m as good a teacher someday.

— 6 —

Speaking of this school…our dean wrote a blog post about her experience and how the community here has helped her as she deals with a trauma in the family. The community. That’s probably takes second place only to the faith life on my list of things I love about my school.

— 7 —

So…what started out as an “I’m so done with this semester” whine-fest turned into “I really do love this school”. Welp, that’s college for you!

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