Life Updates and Ramblings

So, I feel like a terrible blogger. Here I set the goal that I was going to write 100 posts this year, posts with pictures and quality writing. But I haven’t posted in a month. Not even my weekly quick takes. I sort of fell off the edge of the blogging world. And why?

Well, busyness and a general lack of interest. It’s been hard to be interested in anything lately. I want the summer to be here already. I want to be done with school and philosophy class and I want to stop having so many pressing responsibilities at least for a while.

But enough whining. Time for some life updates. This summer will be interesting for one. I’ll be working with the Little Sisters of the Poor and living with them about 2 and a half hours from home. It will be weird not being at home and nursing home work is never where I imagine myself, but I think it will be a good experience for me.

Though I haven’t been blogging, I’ve done a little writing in the form of fiction. Nothing much. But I’m getting back into that old hobby (passion *cough cough*). Someone whose opinion I respect recently told me that they had really enjoyed one of my old pieces and thought I had real talent. I guess I’ve always know I was good, but not quite as good as she was saying. It made me realize I should really take a look at writing again.

A few days ago I also was faced with the reality that I am an adult. After having bought 2 pounds of chicken (with a coupon) and a plane ticket I just felt like my adulthood was being held up right in front of my face. It was kinda scary. And then again today I realized that I won’t be a teenager for much longer.

This weekend I’ve just been relaxing and enjoying myself. (Happy Easter!) I was sick, but if I had to be sick, at least it was when I didn’t have class. I did a little homework too. But otherwise…I watched movies, slept in, made and ate delicious and filling food, and today we went shopping and spent more money than we should have on pretty clothes and shoes. #nojudgement

I didn’t write any goals for April, which just reflects how aimless this month (or two) has been. March’s Goals are here….I’ve met some of those by now, others not so much. The next few weeks will be crazy. It’s 21 days until I’m done with finals and 25 days until I board my plane to head home for a week before I go to live and work with the Sisters. It seems unreal. But I’ll be glad to be done with this semester.

And during those 25 days I’ll hopefully find make time for blogging because I enjoy writing a well-written piece be it fiction or a blog post.

Happy Easter Monday!


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