#ThankYouFrancis –One Year as Our Pope

Tomorrow, March 13th marks one year since Cardinal Bergoglio became our Pope Francis. It’s amazing to think what he has done in just 365 days. Though he’s often misunderstood, like really often, he has helped the church to become more present in the secular world and led us through tough times, while always remaining faithful to the teachings of the church. He is humble, kind, and, as anyone who has studied catholic doctrine can tell you, orthodox.

Francis is our pope and while others have embraced him for “changing” doctrine we have embraced him for continuing to speak truth and reaffirming doctrine in his own, kind, humble way. Francis has reminded us of our duty to the poor, the hungry, and all social justice issues rather than just a few. He has shown us how to accept people and love them unconditionally as a Christian should without accepting their sin.

He has become a celebrity, even being named Time’s Person of the Year, yet has retained the humility of the cardinal who cooked for himself and the newly elected Pope who rode the bus with his brother cardinals.

To commemorate his first year as Pope a group of youth has launched a worldwide initiative to thank Pope Francis. Visit Grazie Francesco to see the messages from people around the globe grateful for our pope. Share your own message by posting on Facebook or Tweeting using the hashtag #ThankYouFrancis or visit their website to send a direct message. It’s such a cool idea and just goes to show how much of an impact Pope Francis, the Church, and Jesus Christ can have on us young people.

For the person you are, for your commitment to the truths of the faith, for your words of wisdom, for your humility #ThankYouFrancis


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