7 Quick Takes (Vol. 36) on Being Crazy and Trusting God

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary!

— 1 —

Another busy week! I had four tests this week. I’d say I’m not sure how I made it through, but I do. Only by God’s grace. I was terrible over the weekend and got very little homework done until Sunday when I crammed for 8am history test the next day. It went well actually. Then I had a philosophy test and a test in my PE methods class on Wednesday. Tuesdays are bulletin days followed by my night class. I had planned to get up early and go to morning prayer with my dorm at 7:20. But I slept in and got up at 8. I then went to do the bulletin. I also had my night class. So, I didn’t get to studying until after 8:30pm. Somehow though, both tests the next day went fairly well. The rest of Wednesday was a little crazy. I had adoration at 5:30, after which I was going to sit in on a lector and usher training at 6:50. I also had a ministry meeting at 9pm. Well, I wound up being in adoration for an hour rather than half an hour (the next person forgot to come to their slot) but, as it happened, I really needed that extra time with Jesus. So I did some math homework Wednesday night (it was due before my test Thursday) but not all of it. I didn’t have class until 10:50 on Thursday so I decided to get up early and do it before class. Well, something was screwy with my alarms and I wound up getting up at 10am. Somehow though, I got the homework done between the time before class and my lunch break.

— 2 — 

This is all to say: God is good. That’s how I got through it all. It certainly wasn’t me. It was Him. God has been leading and encouraging me to trust Him more lately. One of the ways he’s done this is by showing that yeah, He’s got this. This again, relates back to my theme for the year of JOY. (Which I still haven’t written my post about!)

— 3 —

Oh, why not! Let’s do it! So, yeah, In addition to writing about JOY I haven’t written about a lot of things as I talked about in last week’s quick takes. I had hoped to write some posts before now. But at that point I hadn’t looked at my planner.

Well, this week is going to be different! Jen at Conversion Diary is hosting a 7 posts in 7 days challenge/link-up. When I heard about the link-up my initial reaction was : I should do this! It will get me to blog more. But before I committed to anything I checked my planner (although I should probably have just trusted God on this one). Looks like everything will work out fine (I hope!). So yeah, challenge accepted. I have a philosophy paper to write and another test to take but…JOY and trusting God and all that. Let’s be crazy and give it a go!

— 4 —

Speaking of being crazy I re-applied to Ministry today! Ok, I don’t really think it was a crazy idea. I think it was a great decision. I love being a part of campus ministry. I mean, yes, I doubted at the beginning of the semester if I was supposed to. But I can’t see myself not doing ministry. Is it a lot of work? yes. Is it at times stressful? Yep. But it’s God’ work and I trust that He will provide. I also left my application open to whatever job they think would be best for me. The bulletin might be becoming a practicum in the Mass Com department (which would be great, don’t get me wrong). It would just mean that I would have to take on a different role if I’m invited back to ministry next year.

— 5 —

This week I did find some time for fun! Friday night I went to a ladies night put on in my dorm and got my nails done by a girl in my dorm. The pattern isn’t exactly what I had asked for but I was just in awe of her patience and loved being pretty-fied (there’s really no otehr way to descibe the emusement a girl gets from doing silly thing like paintign her nails). Also, on Saturday, I kind of impulsively decided to highlight my hair. My roommate did it for me and while you can’t really tell unless you know that I highlighted it (the color is similar to my natural hair color), I like it. It’s teh first time I’ve ever died my hair. As I side not I also haven’t skyped my mom since then…
On Saturday (when I probably should have been doing homework) I also made JOY wall art. It was just paper cut outs of teh letters, colord with markers and put up on the wall to remind me. Last night I decorated more. I had  a few minutes and decided to hang my picture of Mary and Jesus and my cross above the head of my bed. These are things I’ve been meaning to do all semester, so It felt good to get them done. Especially since the semester is almost half over. (2 weeks until Spring Break!)

— 6 —

I’m especially excited to go home for Spring Break because I might not go home this summer. Nothing’s been established yet but I’m probably going to apply to a live-in service program with the Little Sisters of the Poor. However, the home closest to my parents’ house isn’t participating in the program. So if I do the program I’ll be at least 4 hours from home. I may even be 18 hours away. The idea of spending all summer away from my family and the hometown I know so well, is a little…daunting. And it’s the main reason I hesitate to apply.

— 7 —

Well, that was a lot of text…so how about I just wish you a good week and tell you to check back in on Monday for the first installment of my 7 posts in 7 days. It will help me achieve one of my February goals and my Year of Blogging Well challenge.

As always, I’ll be back next friday with more quick takes!

For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary and check out the link-up!


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