7 Quick Takes (Vol. 35) About Teaching and Reading, oh, and Valentine’s Day

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— 1 —

Happy Valentines Day! Or if you prefer, Singles Awareness Day 😉 Today I read this article from catholicsistas.com about the single life called “The Dilemma and Joy of Being Single”. It was a really good piece. One of my favorite quotes was “if you are a single woman, you are able to mother everyone”. It’s so true. In a paradoxical way it makes me see what people mean when they say that being single is being free. The vocation of being a wife and mother requires a woman to devout herself to her family. It’s a beautiful vocation. A single woman, on the other hand can devout herself to others. But as the article reads “either vocation, married life or single/virginity, entails giving up something in order to be fruitful in some way”. That’s living your vocation. While I’m always looking ahead to my vocation in life I should also remember that

— 2 — 

So, I didn’t write my quick takes last week…in fact I haven’t blogged since the first. That’s terrible. Last week, though, was pretty crazy. I turned in my portfolio to the education department on Friday. It was a huge weight off my shoulders. I was working down to the last hour I could. Then it was done. I spent Saturday making muffins and reading and just relaxing after that craziness.

— 3 —

I then had my interview on Monday. A teacher from the education department and another woman interviewed me. I think it went well. I’ve also been doing lesson planning lately for my classes. I really liked the first one I did. The second one I found the format annoying. But it’s exciting to be doing real teacher stuff! 🙂

— 4 —

I read Divergent! That’s what I was reading last weekend. I finished it last night. It was pretty good. But mostly it just feels good to reeead! And to have finished a book. It makes me happy. I’m keeping right up with my #5 year-long goal and with one of my February goals. It makes me feel less busy and so good to have found time made time to read just for fun.

— 5 —

I guess the reason why is JOY. It’s my new philosophy if you will. It’s a new way of living for me. A motto. I haven’t put it into a post of its own (yet!) but essentially JOY is about not letting little things get to me and stress me out. It’s keeping on top of things. It’s not being freaked out about stuff over which I have no control.

— 6 —

Speaking of goals…I still need to redefine goal #4 of my year-long goals. I have some thoughts but I think I’ll put this into its own post and discuss more reasons for wanting to have some technology-free times. In general my goals aren’t doing too hot. But it’s only February. If I had everything checked off by now those would have been really lame goals. Speaking of which, my February goals are looking good, except for the whole write 10 blog posts thing. I need to step it up on that one.

— 7 —

One more take about education. (Clearly teaching is on my mind.) Another article I read this week was about Common Core and how it devalues literature. It’s true. What happened to reading for reading’s sake? What happened to literature and books as art? Literature is good for the soul and the character. Have we forgotten that? I got a happy surprise at the end of the article when I discovered it was written by Anthony Esolen who will be coming to speak on campus on Monday.

As always, I’ll be back next friday with more quick takes!

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