January 2014 Goal Review

It’s been quite a month. Now let’s see how productive it’s been. It’s once again time for my monthly goals review. Let’s see how many of my goals for January I accomplished and what goals I’ll be setting for February.

2014 Goals--January/February

January Goals

1) After I get back to school, clean up my room in preparation for this new semester
I did ok at this. I reorganized my closet and everything! But my desk…well, it’s still a mess.

2) Figure out my schedule in a typical week of this semester (including exercise, reading time, homework time, weekly cleaning etc)
Yeah, I haven’t scheduled out those things. But maybe I don’t need to. My schedule isn’t always predictable. So it might be  impractical to schedule everything.

3) Write 8 blog posts
Yes! Goal accomplished. I wrote a bunch of Quick Takes posts, as well as writing about staying and praying at school when so many were gone on the March for Life, and a piece on trying vs. doing and how we often get so caught up in achieving a prize that we don’t value the effort.

4) Come up with a budgeting plan
Haha. No. I’ve been saving receipts and in the beginning I was pretty good about entering purchase amounts on a spreadsheet. I’ve also had the idea of rewarding myself with little purchases if I keep my spending down. So far though, I’d hazard to guess I’ve spent more than I would like. I guess there’s a loose plan in place it just needs to be finalized and actually followed.

Overall the month wasn’t so bad. I did better than I thought.  Now, what goals shall I set for this month?

February Goals

1) Finalize and follow a budget plan

2) Re-examine goal 4 of my year-long goals and figure out how I can incorporate limited technology time in my life

3) Pray and decide if and how I want to be a part of Campus Ministry next year.

4) Write 10 blog posts

5) Continue reading just-for-fun books 🙂

Well, there we have it. My February goals. Check back in this time next month to see how I did!


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