7 Quick Takes (Vol. 34)

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— 1 —

Life right now is a little crazy that is I mean, busy. (Joy. Joy. Must remember joy.) Today I turned in two papers for my portfolio for the Honors Program. Next week my application to the education department is due. It’s quite a project and one I’ll be working on all this weekend. I see a lot of sitting in my room, earbuds in, typing away, in my future the next few days. But even with all that I also realize that I need to be more consistent and scheduled with my blogging. Afterall, I’ve done little but Quick Takes recently. And I’d like to put out some longer posts about a particular topic.

— 2 — 

Applying to the education program is not as simple as it sounds…but I’m really excited. The process consists of a portfolio which includes 6 essays and it all has to be arranged a certain way. But if I am accepted into the program I will officially be an education major, one more step towards getting my degree. I’ve had some doubts lately about whether I want to major in education. But I realized that I love personally helping people. It gives me energy to see my work pay off in positive effects for those I’ve tried to help. I’m excited to teach. I’m excited to see that glint in a student’s eye when I help them make a realization or pique their curiosity. But…that’s still a while a way. And before that comes this portfolio.

— 3 —

I’ve watched a few movies and TV recently. I’ve watched a lot of Once Upon a Time (almost caught up!) , saw Frozen (great movie, some small hitches; I hope to write a post about it soon…hopefully), and I watched Sherlock last Sunday. The Sign of Three was great! Probably my favorite episode thus far (we’ll see what happens on Sunday!) I never saw that surprise at the end coming either! So, I’m interested to see how that plays out in this next episode. 🙂

— 4 —

Lately I’ve been realizing new things about my personality. Of course, when am I not? I’m always discovering new things about myself. Yesterday, I had a long conversation with our chaplain, partially pertaining to who I am. He’s observant and has a great gift for personalities. He shared some insights with me which opened my eyes.

— 5 —

I want to travel. I’ve always wanted to travel. Just go look at all my posts tagged “studying abroad“. Over the summer I was trying to figure out how I could possibly be in my college’s Florence program until I finally realized that it wouldn’t be possible. But there may be other possibilities and in the span of an hour I had two separate conversations where travel/living abroad were topics. Maybe it’s in God’s plans. But we’ll have to see.

— 6 —

I saw a baby today! Why is this not #1? Anyways, it was just for a few minutes but it made me realize (again) how much I miss having little kids in my life. My youngest sister turned 7 yesterday. I feel like it was yesterday that she turned 6. She’s getting big. By the time I graduate she’ll be 9. When I started college she was 5. That’s such a difference. I like little kids. Maybe someday I’ll be a kindergarten teacher, or first grade. 🙂

— 7 —

God has also been challenging me lately. Sometimes I’m cynical or terse. I think I’m reacting against current situations and stress. This contrasts, of course, with my motto for the year: joy. I guess there’s always something to strive for.


As always, I’ll be back next friday with more quick takes!

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes (Vol. 34)

  1. Good job and good luck on your education application! I have friends who are studying to be teachers, and I’m so impressed by the work they accomplish just to study teaching!
    What personality type are you? According to Myers-Briggs, I’m an ESTJ 🙂
    Babies!!! Always a good thing 🙂

    • Thanks! It’s a bit of work and it doesn’t help that I got sick this weekend. 😛
      Anyways, I’m ESFJ…so pretty close to you actually! I like helping others and being in control. But I also tend to showcase emotion for anyone to see unless I’m specifically trying not to.

      • Ugh! Sorry to hear about sickness 😦
        Oh that’s cool! What’s the nickname of that type? ESTJ’s are called the guardians, and I think it’s pretty accurate. 🙂

      • I think it’s usually the providers but I also seen caregivers or helpers, which I like the conotations of a little better. 🙂

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