7 Quick Takes (Vol. 33) My Life This Week

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— 1 —

It has been a good week. To start it off right, Sunday was beautiful (not weather-wise of course). I went to Mass in the morning and worked with the new sacristan (my rooomate). Then in the evening I watched Sherlock. It was good. SPOILER: it wasn’t completely satisfying. But of course, that’s Steven Moffat for you.

— 2 — 

Several people I know were gone on the March this week. The buses from our college left Monday afternoon and got back late last night. It was different this year staying on campus and watching so many others go. The campus ministry office was practically empty. But I certainly wasn’t idle while they were gone. As part of my work with campus ministry I organized a 24 hour period of eucharistic adoration for people to pray for those on the march. Last night I wrote a short post on my thoughts about staying back and praying rather than going out and marching.

— 3 —

I’ve also been very productive this last week. I’m probably going to break that streak this weekend, but it was nice while it lasted. 😉 I actually read for fun. I started Divergent by Veronica Roth, but I haven’t gotten far enough through it to give a well-informed review. But it was so good to read, to just curl up with a good fiction book. I’ve missed this, as I said before.

— 4 —

This week I also finally got my work schedule which means I can make my weekly schedule up. I talked about this goal of setting up a weekly schedule in my goals. I don’t want to be too strict and structured though, because I’m realizing that I don’t neccesarilly need to. I’ve actually had a really good system so far this semester. At night, as I go to bed, I make a list of things I need to accomplish the next day. In the morning I put the list in my clutch with my phone and keys where I can refer to it all day and check things off as I do them, circle priorities, and add things as they arise.

— 5 —

Today I observed in a public elementary school as part of my art and music methods class. I think was the first time I was ever in a public elemntary school class. It was interesting watching the interaction between the teacher and his students. It was little different than what I observed in the Catholic school last year. And in general, it gave me more positive feelings towards working in a public school. I still want to work in a Catholic school ideally. But if all I can find is a small public school…I think I would be fine.

— 6 —

I’ve also realized that before college I’d never been in a traditional classroom. In preschool and kindergarten I went to a montesorri school. 1st-12th grade I was homeschooled. I had a couple online classes though, and co-op classes which were like traditional classes excpet they were taught by our parents and I was often in them with at least one sibling…so maybe not quite the same. So, despite my inexperience with traditional schooling I came into college wanting to be a teacher. Huh.

— 7 —

Goals review. The month is winding to a close and I need to start thinking ahead to my first goals review of the year. I only had a few goals for January but I still realize I need to get on those and finish them up before the month comes to a close. So wish me luck with those!  And check back in next weekend for my review.

As always, I’ll be back next friday with more quick takes!

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7 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes (Vol. 33) My Life This Week

    • Well, *spoilers* I was disappointed that we never really figured out how he did it. Sure there was the one theory at the end, but even in that scene the writers placed doubt as to whether that was the truth. With 2 years of build up I was hoping they would actually explain it.
      Also, I am excited to see what happens tomorrow night! I know where I’ll be at 9 o’clock 🙂

      • I’m with you for the most part. I wish they had said “this is definitely how it happened” but then I understand why they didn’t from a creative perspective. I liked that they paid homage to so many fanfiction ideas!
        The Sign of Three is better than The Empty Hearse {I watched the season with the UK}, and His Last Vow is best of all!
        Did I tell you about/show you pictures from the Sherlock costume party I hosted? http://bekscontemplations.blogspot.com/2014/01/sherlocklives.html Enjoy! 🙂

      • They definitely had a lot of fanfic ideas in there! Also, the first theory that they opened with was similar to my dad’s idea.
        Ooh! I’m so jealous that you’ve seen them all! I was so upset when I realized BBC America wasn’t going to show them at the same time as in the UK.
        Oh! I totally meant to check that out! Thanks for reminding me! 😉

      • I personally loved that Anderson had a group going on…. so adorable! 🙂
        Augh! It’s a blessing and a curse to have seen them all, because on the one hand they are ALL SO GOOD!! And on the other hand, no more episodes yet… sigh.
        We had a fun little get-together – I highly recommend costume parties 🙂

      • I definietly got a kick out of Anderson’s group! Oh, yeah, don’t remind me. A week from tomorrow that will be me…waiting for more episodes…

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