7 Quick Takes (Vol. 31) Life and Random Philosophizing

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— 1 —

So yes, it is Saturday.  Which means, yes, I’m late. And yes, I’m breaking my own rule about limited technology/no social media on Saturdays. I wasn’t too good last week either. This is one resolution that probably needs to be re-examined. Yesterday I was out and busy and such. And I well, forgot to write my 7 Quick Takes post. Well, I remembered at one point in the afternoon but then swiftly forgot until I was in bed and it was past midnight.

— 2 —

Shopping. That’s what I was doing yesterday. I finally got snow boots. I can now go outside without soaking and freezing my feet. It’s been especially bad since here at home there’s feet of snow. There was nothing like this in Kansas when I left.

I also went shopping on Thursday with a friend from high school. I got a few new tops and nothing I really needed. My budgeting goal isn’t going so hot either.

— 3 —

Parenting/teaching styles. So, I’m kind of fascinated with parenting styles and tips despite the fact that I may or may not get married and the fact that my wedding might be years and years from now. Call it weird, call it some sort of complicated emotional unchastity. Or call it being prepared. Anyways, earlier this week I read this article about what American parents might be able to learn from parents in other countries. I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the article, but it piqued my interest and is worth a perusal.

It also linked me to an article about the ever-fascinating Finnish education system. …So yes, I am a teaching geek.

— 4 —

I leave for school tomorrow! In 24 hours I’ll be on my way back to campus. Crazy to think about.  It’s been a nice time at home. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to go back to school. I’ve had a nice visit at home, and I’ll be happy to be back at school, not because I don’t like home but because I like Benedictine too.

— 5 —

What being an extrovert means to me. This week I saw a series of memes about what it’s like to be an extravert. Well, I didn’t agree with everything it said. And I consider myself an extrovert, or at least I can be an extrovert. But see I’m not the type who needs to always be partying and always needs to hang out and the one always initiating stuff. See, I like being around people. I like sharing my life and time with them. I like talking to them (I continually work on being a better listener). But I don’t like meeting new people necessarily. I’m a shy person. I’ve been calling myself a shy extrovert and that’s the best way I have of describing myself right now.

— 6 —

Confronting my inner perfectionist this week. If you’ve been reading this week, you may have noticed my post “The Difference Between Trying and Doing“. And if you’re really good at reading into things you may have guessed, that the post was kind of my way of dealing with my own failures and my tendency to dwell on these negatives. I also had a few other ideas for posts that I realized related to my perfectionist side. So I guess this week was about exploring this issue and trying to challenge it.

— 7 —

So…promise not to judge me? In addition to confronting my inner perfectionist this week. I realized that I have a fancy for songs about people’s darker natures. Namely:

Imagine Dragon’s “Demons”

and Kelly Clarkson’s “Dark Side”

You see, these songs aren’t just about how terrible humans can be. There about the fact that despite our flaws and our past and our failings we can be loved. People can love us–dark side and all. They can see our inner demons without running away in fear. In a way, these songs are hopeful.
Or am I just reading into things a little too much? I have been known to do that.

Anyways, that’s enough of my random philosophizing on the meaning of songs, parenting styles and my own personality. : P

Be back next Friday with more quick takes! 🙂

For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary and check out the link-up!


4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes (Vol. 31) Life and Random Philosophizing

  1. Good luck keeping up your New Years resolutions…. just because they might benefit from being tweaked a little is no reason to abandon them completely! I’m glad you did your 7QT post (even if it was on saturday) because thats how I found you!
    Have a great Semester! I would have loved to have gone to Benedictine! I went to visit and its such a beautiful school!

    • Thanks Amy! You’re absolutely right and I plan to keep to my resolution (once it’s been tweaked a little). 🙂 I love it at Benedictine. The beauty of the campus is one reason why, though there’s plenty others. I’m glad you found me! Thanks for your comment and for your encouragement!

  2. Oh my goodness, I’m with you on the parenting styles thing! I also love reading birth stories… is this weird??
    What have you read about personalities? I’m fascinated by them and love reading different versions and explanations. I’m an extrovert, too, and I find it challenging to be in a really large group when I don’t know anyone or very many people.
    Love those songs! I appreciate that they acknowledge that we have facets of ourselves that we don’t often share, but that people who really love us can love all parts of us.

    • If that’s weird, at least we’re weird together! I love reading about parenting styles and just mommy blogs in general.
      My understanding of an extrovert is someone who is energized by being around people. As opposed to an introvert being energized by being alone. I took the Myer’s-Briggs test a couple months ago (just a free online version) and it pegged me as an extrovert. I couldn’t agree more I just have to add that I’m a shy extrovert. I mean, I have a friend who’s an outgoing introvert. I think shy/outgoing is different from extrovert/introvert. People can be all sorts of fun combinations and variations!

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