7 Quick Takes (Vol. 30) A Goals Link-up, The Book or App Dilemma, Randomeness

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary!

— 1 —

Happy New Year! 2014 is off to a good start for me and I hope it is for you too. I’ve been blogging and staying on top of that. Eating well. Praying. And I even finished a draft of one of the essays I need to write. Still have several more to go though and not much time. There is one glaring omission amidst all this good. But it’s nothing I can’t bounce back from.

— 2 —

New Goals and a goals link-up. My first post of this new year was my 2014 goals. Check it out and let me know what you think! I also joined up with Laura for the first of her goals link-ups. Looks like she plans on doing them monthly as a way for bloggers who set goals to encourage each other. Sounds like a great idea! If you write monthly goals (or want to start) go check out her link-up!
So far my goals are off to a good start. Of course, it’s only been 3 days. And most of my goals won’t really come into their own until I get back to school.

— 3 —

Tomorrow marks the first Saturday of the new year and so it will be the first of my weekly computer-free days. Or at least, it should be. However, I’ve decided to amend that particular goal. Going without my computer is just not feasible nor is it responsible. Take tomorrow for example. I should be writing papers. Additionally, I am supposed to check my email everyday to keep up with ministry work. So. The new goal is to be internet-free (excluding school email and maybe Pandora and of course Netflix and all that) for one day every week. No Pinterest, Twitter, blogging, or Facebook. I’ll still be able to answer texts and FB messages via text though. So yes, tomorrow is the first of my limited technology Saturdays. Wish me luck!

I’ll have to monitor this goal and see if I need to adjust it again in the future. For tomorrow (and probably the rest of my time at home) I’ll try this.

— 4 —

Book or App? So remember how last week I was looking at all these different books I wanted to get? Well I’m also considering buying this one.

Shorter Christian Prayer

It has the prayers for liturgy of the hours morning and evening prayer. But….I already have an app on my ipod that has all this book has and more. Still, it’s a book. I like books. I also don’t carry my ipod with me normally. So is it worth it?

— 5 —

I found it! I’ve been thinking for months that I need a clutch. Something simple for my phone, keys, ID card, coffee shop punch card and maybe a few other things. I was out with my mom today and came across the perfect wallet. On clearance. For $6. I love finding good deals!

— 6 —

Only 9 days until I go back to campus! It will be nice to get back early to catch up on some work, and de-clutter my room before the semester starts. I’ve always said it would be nice to be on campus without having anything to do. Sadly, even though I’ll be back with 2 solid days before class I’ll still have things to do, work to accomplish, etc.

— 7 —

Also, Wisconsin weather is not always fun. Wind chills will be dropping to -50 in the next couple days. And snow will be blowing. And you’ll probably loose a finger to frostbite if you go outside. Now I know we’re supposed to be known for our chilly weather but this is unusually extreme.  If you live in the area, stay safe! Better yet, just don’t go out Monday or Tuesday.

For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary and check out the link-up!


5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes (Vol. 30) A Goals Link-up, The Book or App Dilemma, Randomeness

    • Thanks for the advice! I think it does depend on the person and the situation. At school, for example, the app is so easy for me. 🙂

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