A Year of Blogging Well

As this year draws to a close I look back to evaluate and look forward to plan.

But I’m forced to say that not even the rosiest of glasses can hide the fact that I’ve failed. These last few months–lets face it–have not been good for blogging. I can chalk it up to a crazy-busy college life but I’m done with the excuses. If I had been more committed I would have made time for this blog.  It boils down to that: laziness. Ugh.

I have a problem with self motivation. I’m also a planner. That’s why I set goals. They provide the kick-in-the-pants I need and satisfy my urge to act as if I have some control over my life. It will soon be a new year: new classes, new challenges, new joys, and the threat of becoming a junior looming on the horizon. It’s time for new goals.

My 2014 goals will be up soon. But before I post the long list I wanted to tell you about a particular goal for this next year.  This blog needs some TLC and I really should be taking better advantage of the ability to chronicle my life in college. So I propose a challenge for myself (any anyone who wants to join me!): a year of blogging well.

A Year of Blogging Well

My goal during this year will be to write 100 posts. That averages to about two per week. But more than that I want to write about things that matter to me: discernment, femininity, being Catholic, my life as a future teacher, family. I want to use beautiful pictures and crafted words. I don’t want to just blog more in quantity, I also want to blog more in quality.

So that’s the plan. 100 posts in a year. Content I enjoy. Pictures. Beauty. And hopefully a revitalized blog. A Year of Blogging Well. That’s my blogging challenge.
Any of you fellow bloggers care to join me? Have you set other blogging goals for the new year? I’d love to hear about them!


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