7 Quick Takes Vol. 27: What I Should Be Thankful For

I’m going to something a little different this week in honor of Thanksgiving. But no, I decide against the obvious list of things I’m thankful for. Usually we give thanks for things like food, clothes, family. These are all good things. But what about the hard things? The things which we take for granted or which are sometimes not so pleasant. So here’s 7 things I should be thankful for.

— 1 —

My room. I live in an old dorm. There’s lead paint somewhere deep down on the walls. The water is gross. The air and heat are funny. There’s no sound proofing at all. And yet, I have shelter, which is a lot more than some others can say and so I should be grateful.

— 2 —

My friends. Do we get on each other’s nerves? Yes. Could I have faired a lot worse? You better believe it. My friends are good people and I should be thankful to have them in my life.

— 3 —

College. I have the opportunity to attend a great Catholic college, despite the cost. I’m going into plenty of debt doing so and sometimes I’m overwhelmed by meeting requirements and planning my class schedules. But hey, I’m able to go to college and I should be thankful for that amazing blessing rather than focused on the burdens of it.

— 4 —

My work with campus ministry. Sometimes it’s difficult. But I try to remember that it’s worth it. I have a great opportunity to reach people and for that I should be thankful.

— 5 —

My Classes. I have both a very easy class and a not-doing-so-hot-in kind of class this semester. I tend to complain that the easy one is too easy: he grades extremely leniently and I almost never have to do the reading before class. And the other one: well, yeah I ain’t too fond of my grade in that either though it’s largely my fault for forgetting homework. Still, I have these opportunities to learn. No matter the stress, I should be at least a little thankful.  (On reflection this may be similar to #3 “College” but they focus on different points.)

— 6 —

My health. I admit it’s kind of a standard thing, but it’s something I often overlook. Overall, I’m a healthy person. I don’t have much to deal with in that area. So that’s something to be thankful for too.

— 7 —

Living away from home. Most of the time I’m probably pretty content to be living on my own. But it is sometimes hard to be away from my family. I know living away from home has helped me to grow in many ways and continues to challenge me. It’s got positives too. Overall, I think I should be thankful for both the opportunity to live away from home and for being able to visit home fairly often.


Happy belated Thanksgiving!


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