Discernment: Just Trust!

A few weeks ago, Sr. Joseph Andrew with the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist came for a visit to campus. She and I had a great conversation about my discernment story. She also shared her perspective on discernment and vocations during a women’s social night. Then, later that week, I had a great time in adoration where my lectio divina led me back to this same topic of trusting God when it comes to discernment.

We tend to think, myself included, that our vocation is a puzzle we must solve or a mystery to unravel. God is leaving us clues and if we’re not very, very careful we’ll miss one and thereby miss our vocation. But when you step back for a second, Sister’s perspective makes a lot more sense than this notion of discernment as a scavenger hunt.

She emphasized the importance of trusting God. This makes sense to me, because after all, He’s not trying to trick us. God doesn’t sit up in Heaven and think up elaborate wild goose chases for discerning individuals (at least I don’t think He does).

God loves us. He wants us to get to Heaven. Isn’t that why He designed our vocations in the first place? They are meant to glorify Him and help us on the path to holiness. We just need to trust that if we are following Him and seeking His will, He will show us where we are meant to be. In His time, and in His way. God wouldn’t hide your vocation from you. 

Now, of course, discernment is important. We have to put in some work. But if we’re constantly wondering if this or that was a sign or we’re stressing about what exactly our vocation is all the time…then I would think that that is not from God. Isn’t peace one of the fruits of the spirit? (Galatians 5:22).

So the long and short of it is: don’t freak out about discernment. Trust God.


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