7 Quick Takes Vol. 25 (Including a few small rants)

— 1 —

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. And yes, this is late…

— 2 —

Friday! Yay! This week, I’ve made it through a double quiz, a regular quiz, two tests and a spanish writing workshop this week. Yeah. But you know, it hasn’t been that bad. I’ve already gotten back 3 of these and I did pretty good grade-wise. This week I’ve been pretty unproductive and it’ll be nice to have the weekend to regroup.

— 3 —

This week I got to babysit with a friend. It was fun. Though, I did get spat up on by the baby. Still, as I was rocking him to sleep I was struck by the fact that I could be good at this. Maybe someday… Babies are just really cute. And, if you hang around enough young christian women you will probably see what might be called “baby fever”. Not that I ahve that mind you…. But yeah, I related to at least some of this article after I babysat.

— 4 —

Must all women in movies be dressed inappropriately? Tonight I watched Iron Man 3 (which is the main reason this is so late) and the women…well let’s just say there was a general lack of clothes. Some were even in bikinis. And the worst t part is, they were in no way necessary for the story line. Even Pepper Potts who (spoiler alert) was pretty awesome and kick-butt in the movie, was shown in several scenes wearing nothing but capris and a sports bra.

Frankly, I’ve just been hit over the head lately with just how much women are objectified in our society. And we call this liberation? progress? Of course, for this particular movie I would hazard to guess that the outfits were picked because of the target audience. I could go on. Excuse me if I’m ranting but I am pretty fed up.

— 5 —

There were some things about Iron Man 3 I really liked. Overall, I liked it. I’m a sucker for super hero movies in general. But, what really stuck out to me is just how beautiful a self-sacrificing and deep love is. Tony shows this love to Pepper throughout out the film and it was beautiful and heartwarming. I love seeing men depicted as people who are willing to give everything for those they love. Deep down I think it’s what all women want. Now, off course, our first love and savior is God. he must always come first and must always be our center. But we can also experience a reflection of that love through a holy man. Forgive me if I’m being preachy, but heck, true love is beautiful.

— 6 —

Another bee in my bonnet this week has been the Common Core standards for schools. As someone who plans on working in the education field and who cares about both education and children, I take issue with Common Core, to put is simply. Hopefully I can do some research and write a good post on why we should not be adopting these standards.

— 7 —

Goals review. Real quick I’m just going to review my goals for this month. Hm, I’d saying I’m doing okay, but I need to step it up, especially on the goals I haven’t even touched.


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