7 Quick Takes Vol. 24

— 1 —

Well, I forgot to do my Quick Takes last Friday…and that was actually a pretty full week. For one, it was the one year anniversary of this blog. And, Saturday night, I got to babysit and even rock their 5 month old to sleep. He was a sweet baby! there other kids were great, though they were asleep almost the whole time.

— 2 —

I have so many blogging ideas in my head! I had a lovely realization about vocations this week after a conversation with a sister who was visiting campus, I also want to write about halloween, and my favorite posts from the last year. Hopefully I’ll get to one of those, at least, this weekend.

— 3 —

Next weekend is Fall Break! I’ve been looking forward to it for a while now. It’ll be great to just relax and have some down time. I’m going with a friend of mien from Iowa. We’re going to go shopping, she’s going to show me Costco (I’ve never been to one because they aren’t by my house), and just enjoy the mini vacation.

— 4 —

This weekend is Homecoming! We had the parade and dorm decoration judging today. Tomorrow is the traditional bed races, the football game, Saturday Vigil Mass, and the homecoming dance. I didn’t care for last year’s dance very much but this year it’s a 50’s themed sock hop. There’s going to be swing dancing and our swing club helped pick the music. So that should be fun.

— 5 —

What does the fox say? Is anyone else mildly disturbed by this music video? At first I was weirded out, then I was concerned (it just wouldn’t sit right with me), now I’m not entirely sure. Maybe it’s just a silly video? Thoughts??

— 6 —

We have wi-fi! The wi-fi in our suite has been terrible. I mentioned this to my dad and being the wonderful and technologically literate person that he is (he’s a computer programmer he kinda knows his stuff) he offered to send an access point. When it arrived, I on the other hand, was pretty clueless. I tend to think of myself as fairly tech savvy. But maybe I’m not. But that’s why I’ve got my dad and my brothers to call up and say “help! I don’t know what I’m doing!”
Anyways, it’s great to have full-functioning wi-fi. We can even get netflix on the wii. And yeah, we may have overdone it on the TV watching tonight. But hey! We are in college after all!

— 7 —

A friend mentioned Totus Tuus to me today. We were talking about summer internships and I mentioned wanting something in my diocese that was related to education. Totus Tuus was something she had done and enjoyed. She described the program to me: working with kids, teaching them about the faith, traveling around the diocese, being part of a team, praying constantly, discerning your vocation. So yeah…I’m going to have to look into that. 🙂 One thing that does concern me is the salary. It’s not a whole lot and I do need to be saving up. We’ll see what happens. Anyone out there ever been on a Totus Tuus team???


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