7 Quick Takes Vol. 23

— 1 —

Well the government is shut down and apparently so are priests. I haven’t read all of this article but the headline says it all. As part of the shutdown, some Catholic military priest are not allowed to say Mass. There’s so much wrong with this. First, this an obvious infringement on religious liberty and first amendment rights. There’s no sugar-coating it. When people aren’t even allowed to worship because of something the government does I call that denying freedom of religion. They’re not even trying to hide the fact anymore (except for the fact that you probably won’t find this story in most major newspapers). This can not be said to have anything to do with protecting the freedoms of others, this does nothing but deny these priests the right to minister to their flock.

— 2 —

I did something stupid this week…I decided to post on Planned Parenthood’s facebook wall. I know lots of people do this but for me at least it didn’t go terribly well. I was unprepared. I also wound up discussing how insurance works which I don’t really know. So yeah, that was interesting. In the midst of this discussion they somehow decided that I hated children which I find extremely ironic. It was frustrating not being able to refute their arguments or make them understand. But the goal should really be to have a frank, respectful conversation and present a case for your side. It would be great to help someone see the truth. But maybe all that can be done is to plant seeds.

— 3 —

But then, on Thursday, there was sidewalk counselor training. I wasn’t able to go to all of it because I had to work, but I did get to be there for some of the training. Sidewalk counseling is something I approach timidly. I’m naturally a fairly quite person (except when I’m passionate about something) so I’m a little afraid I guess.

— 4 —

I have to get up early tomorrow. A group of us are leaving campus at 5:15am to sidewalk counsel at a local abortion clinic. I’ll probably just observe this week and see what I think. The woman from Texas Coalition for Life who gave the talk will be coming with us so I’d love to watch someone who’s as experienced as she is.

— 5 —

On another note, I love Spanish. It’s not my best class right now. But it’s going fine and I like it. I do need to study more for it. I think some flashcards may be in order.

— 6 —

Hm, I should get to bed soon…so just know that in general life is good though it’s had some rough patches this last week.

— 7 —

Now enjoy this picture. I took it on the top of Pike’s Peak while I was in Colorado. Apparently the view from that mountain is what inspired this:

America the Beautiful


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