2013 Goals: September Review/October Goals

Here we are once again! Time to see how the last month’s goals went and set out my new goals for this upcoming month.

September Review

1) Use my budget

Hm… I did realize a flaw in my itemized budget. It requires me to keep every receipt and categorize every item adding tax as I enter it into my budget spreadsheet. Yeah. Don’t really want to do that. But I did enter some of my receipts so I’m going to count this as fairly good.

2) Be consistent about checking my temperature

The only way to say this is…FAIL.

3) Get organized 

I am less overwhelmed now but there’s a reason for that. Things have calmed down and I dropped that class. I now have some routines with my job as a test proctor on campus and my ministry position. Classes are more manageable and homework isn’t much of a worry.

4) Have a better prayer life

Yeah…I go to adoration and do lectio divina there once a week. I have Bible Study now too with FOCUS and we do lectio there as well. I’ve started praying before I send my reminder emails to people signed up for adoration. But I’m still don’t feel I’m praying as much as I should (ideally I’d like to spend 20-30 minutes a day in prayer) so I’m counting this as a fail.

5) Take care of myself

I did better at this and this month will have specific goals to get me on track, so this was successful.

Overall, not too good. Most of these I made it by the skin of my teeth or simply because external factors aligned. I put almost no effort into my goals this last month. I’m hoping to do better in October.

October Goals

1) Keep to my bedtime

I’m starting a new bedtime routine. I go to bed at 11pm and have lights out at 11:30pm. Tonight however, I’m not keeping to that.

2) Eat breakfast every day

I have developed a bad habit of getting up too late to eat breakfast. I need to stop it.

3) Pray every day

Again, praying. Ideally, I’d like to pray every day. Perhaps 20 minutes of lectio.

4) Use my budget

I need to figure out how to work that. I guess I could categorize everything on my receipt. The goal is to

5) Draw

My roommate and I have been meaning to draw with charcoal. She’s seen some of the work I’ve done with it and wants to try too. So it would be nice to do this some weekend this month.

I guess we’ll see how these go. Check back in next month to see how I did!


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