7 Quick Takes Vol. 22

— 1 —

Another week that flew by! It’s been another quick week. Somethings I did in the last 7 days include writing a letter in Spanish, and completing a bulletin for this Sunday (I do that every week though). And now it’s the weekend!!!

— 2 —

I also got to teach a mini lesson this week to 2 other students in my math for elementary teachers class. The others talked about the roman and egyptian number systems while I explained the Babylonian number system (pretty poorly I might add).  I’m glad though that I’m getting this experience before I go out into the real world of teaching. Now I know.

— 3 —

I’ve also been working my campus job, which involves mostly doing homework and watching people take tests. It’s a fairly chill job but the responsibility of it was pressed upon me. After all, we have to make sure no one is cheating.

— 4 —

Speaking of responsibility…yeah. I’ve been fairly irresponsible lately. I don’t care as much about keeping on top of all my reading for my classes as I did last year. I’ve been forgetful. I’ve slept in (I always do that though). It’s just not been good. I wonder if it’s because I’m on ministry and use that as an excuse. But I think I’m just lazy.

— 5 —

My prayer life is something I’ve been working on (kind of). It’s not as good as I would like and I’m having trouble making myself pray. But when I do it’s great. I do lectio divina in adoration and it’s perfect for me. God speaks to me in that time and I feel His comfort. I think that’s His way of encouraging me to pray more. Hopefully it works.

— 6 —

Benedictine’s Oktoberfest is tonight! I know when people say Oktoberfest we usually think of beer but that is not what this is about. We do pretzels and bavarian potato salad and cake and I think bratwursts, so, German food. Different dorms do different foods and you go around and eat what you like. Last year there were also games: 3-legged races and such.

— 7 —

I have a headache. Sad but true. I’ve had it all day. It’s one of those weird pressure headaches. I might be coming down with a cold. Actually, I’m pretty sure I have one. I think I’ll sleep in tomorrow and get some much needed rest.

The weekend is here! Time for fun, friends, and sleep.

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