7 Quick Takes Vol. 21…Worth the Wait

— 1 —

So…you know how I wrote this post the other day and promised a quick takes on Friday. Well it’s Saturday. I forgot 😛

— 2 —

But, I have a good excuse. Yesterday was a bit crazy. And 7 quick takes wasn’t the only thing I forgot. But I did spend the evening in Kansas City at the Marriott volunteering at a pro-life benefit dinner for the Vitae Foundation.  Our college sends volunteers every year. It was fun and we got to hear Dr. Ben Carson speak.  He has an amazing story of being raised by a woman who had a 2nd grade education who divorced her husband when she found out he was a bigamist. She refused to go on welfare, and though they didn’t live well they were eventually able to be independent. He’s now this amazing brain surgeon. So yeah. That’s cool.

— 3 —

Dr. Carson also taked about education in America. He referenced Alexis De Tocqueville who wrote Democracy in America. One thing De Tocqueville saw as he observed schools in early America (circa 1830) was that they taught values. For example, Bibles were opened in the schools. Additionally, Carson touched on how our standards have slipped. It used to be a 2nd grade graduate was completely literate and the average vagabond could tell you how the government worked.

Nowadays we see things like this:


Although I like to hope that this a sample of the worst not a sample of the general public.
Sorry if I rant on this, but hey, I am an education major.

— 4 —

Things are settling down into a rhythm which is nice. Classes are going good. I dropped one and now my load is pretty easy. I didn’t want to ever drop a class. It seems like such a quitter thing to do.  But I’m so glad I did. The class was rigorous when it came to homework and this semester I just couldn’t do it along with everything else. Sometimes you just need humility.

— 5 —

My work with campus ministry would be one of those things that falls under “everything else”.  It’s been a whirlwind since the the retreat. But I’m learning a lot and having a lot of fun. I’m working with some great people and for some pretty great reasons. 

— 6 —

I’ve also got my campus job. Thursday was my first day as a test proctor. It’s nice so far. If nothing else it’s a job. And as a perk, its actually related to my major. It’s a comfort to know I’ll have a steady source of income soon. I like having something consistent and comfortable. I don’t like worrying about money. Sometimes I wish we didn’t need money.

— 7 —

Lastly, enjoy this pretty picture from my short time in Colorado:

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