My Crazy Life ~or~ Why I Haven’t Blogged in 18 Days

So…you may have noticed that I’ve been pretty quite over here lately. The last post I wrote was on the first, before that I wrote one on the 12th OF AUGUST. That’s over a month ago.

But this last month has been pretty bust for me, so I hope you’ll excuse my absence and get excited as I get back into blogging more regularly!

Since the 12th, I’ve been in 5 different states (not counting layovers in Nashville and Cincinnati). I’ve taken several different flights, climbed a mountain, started classes, and laid to rest my great aunt.

It’s been 30 days of ups and downs. 30 days of craziness, and sorrow, and busyness, and fun.

Here’s what I did:

  • Flew to Denver to meet up with my roommate and drive together out to Kansas
  • While in Colorado we took the cog-rail train up Pike’s Peak, visited garden of the gods, and the air-force base
  • Drove about 8 hours to our top-secret retreat location and went on a 2 day retreat with campus ministry before the start of the year
  • Went through a week of ministry training
  • Flew home on Sunday (with a layover in Nashville on my way to Chicago) to attend my great aunt’s funeral
  • It was a sad day but beautiful. There were bagpipes. (And yes, we’re Irish. )
  • Flew back to school on Tuesday (with a layover in Cincinnati)
  • Classes started Wednesday
  • I’ve helped out with various masses, including send-off masses and the mass before the campus consecration to Mary
  • I’ve edited and compiled 5 bulletins
  • I scheduled students for adoration time slots and we got enough to start our 4-days a week adoration
  • I dropped my honors psychology class because it was requiring more homework than I could do or was willing to do
  • My school loan is confused
  • I still haven’t deposited my lat check for work. I got it, but the amount’s wrong.
  • I found a job on campus proctoring tests
  • I’ve kept myself alive

This Saturday is the feast of St. Matthew. For our campus ministry this marks the end of all the busy beginning of the year projects and events. I can now take a breath and look back. Perhaps more importantly though, I can get myself onto a schedule for the rest of the semester and get into a routine. A routine of prayer, exercise, classes, ministry work, proctoring work, and perhaps homework. And, of course, I should be blogging more.

Okay, it’s after midnight here…I should see if there’s anything else I need to get done and then go to bed.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new and long overdue edition of my 7 Quick Takes tomorrow!


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