Score 1 for Charting!

If you’ve ever had nausea or diarrhea before your period go read this. No I mean it, really, it will change your life! Okay, maybe not but for me it was an amazing, lightbulb moment of awesome! And you know how I got there? Through monitoring my cycle.

Let me explain. Here’s what happened. I’ve noticed before that sometimes just before my period other things are going on down there. (Yes I mean diarrhea.) And today I noticed the same thing. Because I’ve been keeping track of my period I also know Aunt Flo should be visiting me soon. So I entered diarrhea as a symptom on which is one of the sites I’m using to chart.

Then I thought “hm…is this common? normal?” I suppose I could have asked if it was related at all but experience was suggesting that it was. So what did I do when I had a question I couldn’t answer? That’s right. I asked Google. That’s how I came across that article linked to above (go check it out!).

But the article did more than just tell me this was something other women experience. It also told me why. And it told me that another symptom is nausea.

For months now, actually over a year, I’ve been struggling with weird bouts of dizziness/nausea. It had flitted through my mind that this might be period-related but I really had no idea and was also thinking allergies or something else. I had also read something about how it could be related to ovulation. But this article has shown me the light! (Sort of.) Now, for the next few months I’ll pay special attention to these weird dizzinesses and see if they align with my cycle. If they do, then I’ll know FINALLY what’s causing them.

Discovering what might be the cause of my dizziness (and the thing about diarrhea too) just blew my mind! I went to pin it as soon as I finished because I want this article forever!

It’s like my life suddenly makes sense!!! If I hadn’t been keeping track of cycles and paying attention to my body I might have totally missed this. I guess this is at least part of what people mean when they say that charting teaches you about your body. I hope you realize just how happy/ecstatic I am and just how amazing this was for me to learn.

I’ve already discovered this and that’s without doing much temping either (I only started that 3 days ago). Imagine how much more I could learn. So yes, score 1 for charting! Being on the pill would never have taught me this.


2 thoughts on “Score 1 for Charting!

    • I know right! This is the kind of stuff that I would never have learned if I wasn’t been paying attention to my body. And now I’m empowered to find a solution, one that doesn’t involve carcinogens with my breakfast. 😉

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