7 Quick Takes (Vol. 19) 7 confessions edition

— 1 —

I almost forgot…again. But when I was looking at my reader I saw other bloggers’ quick takes and realized that yes, it’s time for another edition of quick takes. So that is confession number 1. Here we go!

— 2 —

I’m sick. Not a deep dark secret but there it is. And if  I sound crazy, know that it’s just the cold talking (hopefully). Funny thing is I used to like being sick to a certain extent. I liked that it got me out of chores and meant I could lounge around all day watching TV or reading a book. Sadly, it doesn’t mean that anymore. Because now I have to be responsible. So, yesterday I got up at 5:15 AM, went to work, worked for 8+ hours, clocked out for the last time, came home and called the financial aid office at school because of a small problem, went back to work to pick up my paycheck, went grocery shopping…you get the idea.

— 3 —

I might miss work, a little bit. So, yes, I am done, done, done at the cafe! Yahoo! No more dealing with my boss, or that place! (Unless I wind up working there next summer too. Let’s hope not.) My last day was interesting being sick. But it worked out ok and we had a slow day which was nice for me. It’s weird becoming a part of something, getting to see regulars and stuff and then to just leave a few weeks later. As he left, the local guitarist who comes in to serenade the lunch crowd twice a week asked me my name. I told him. Then he told me his first name and turned towards the door. It was sad, almost like something out of a movie.

— 4 —

VBS scares me. I’ll be helping out at a VBS next week and I get to be in charge of the 2nd-3rd graders. I helped out last summer and was in charge of games, which went ok but could certainly have been better. This summer I’m going to have a dozen or so kids under my wing and be responsible for them for the week. It’ll probably be fine. Bit still please pray for me.

— 5 —

I’m a bad blogger. My monthly goal review hasn’t been posted for July yet. Also, I didn’t accomplish them all (what a shocker). I’ll link back to this post and include a pingback once I actually write my review and my new goals for August. So, down in the comments you’ll find a link to it (unless you read this before I finish).

— 6 —

I haven’t even started my review yet. So yeah….a very bad blogger. (But I have been sick.)

— 7 —

I’m a very, very, bad blogger. You know my brilliant summer reading list? You know how I was going to read all these books and write reviews for them? Yeah. I’ve written one. Because that’s the only book I’ve actually finished. And I don’t think I’m going to finish many more between now and the 13th when I leave for school. Maybe I’ll squeeze in one more? I guess this also makes me a very, very, bad reader too.

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6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes (Vol. 19) 7 confessions edition

  1. Ha! You know what? I feel like a terrible blogger sometimes, but HELLO, what kind of standards are these, woman?!?! You don’t owe us readers anything, so we should be thanking you whenever you write (well, no, that would be weird). But you get the point. Don’t apologize, because life happens. And omg, this is why I never write out schedules for myself: I never, ever, follow through. Ever. Anyway, feel better soon! I can’t wait to be back and actually see you guys in person soon!

    • Haha well thanks! I guess I just feel bad because I had plans to do these things and announced them and everything, but now I’m not following through so well. So I feel like I should explain. Sometimes life happens, you’re right. But sometimes I’m also just lazy and don’t feel like reading! haha But you know, I just realized, I really don’t have to. If I have the time and the motivation to read, great. But if not, oh well. I should probably try to avoid these type of schedule/commitments in the future. 😛

      Thanks! Hopefully I’ll be over this cold before VBS starts. See you soon!

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