2013 Goals: July Review/August Goals

Well, July is over and done with. Like really over. Like 2 days ago. Yeah these are late, as I confessed here. But anyways, here’s my monthly goals review and my new goals for the month of August.

July Review

1)Work on the following for school: Spanish and math

No. I did a little bit. But not really much. Oh well. Guess that’s not happening. Summer goal fail.
Since I didn’t…I don’t get to spend a lazy day wearing comfy clothes, enjoying myself, and relaxing
Yeah, i’m probably going to do a little of that anyways since I’ve come down with a cold.

2)Write essays for application to education department

Didn’t do this either. I kinda tried. I sat down with my laptop, ready to play some music and get this done. But I was confused and easily gave up.
Since I didn’t…I can’t go on Twitter for a week or until I’m done writing the essays (whichever comes first).
Why did I make this my punishment? Ugh.

3)Get my driving permit

I actually did this! I was even looking at getting my full license. But there isn’t an available appointment until after I leave.
Since I did…I don’t have to tell the whole long blog post on why I can’t drive yet.

4)Finish “Rediscovering Catholicism” and one other book (probably the book on St. Kateri). Write reviews for both.

Didn’t happen. I’m only a little bit into “Catholicism” and maybe half through the Kateri book. 
Since it didn’t…I don’t get to read the “Freedom Writers Diary” next.
Considering that I was going to borrow this from the library which in a week and a half, I’ll be 500 miles away from…not much of a punishment.

5)Write a letter to my future self

This one should have been really easy. But I still didn’t do it
Since I didn’t…I can’t eat  chocolate for a week.
This punishment it really to strict. As judge, jury, and executioner I wave this sentence. (And this has nothing to do with the chocolate sundae cones in the freezer. Nothing.)

Wow, I did pretty dang bad this month. I only got one goal done. And it was one I was just about positive I would accomplish. Well, one month is over and now another begins.

August Goals 

This month I’m going to list and explain my 5 goals for August and include consequences like I did in July.

1) Spend no more than 1 hour on the internet each day (Sundays excluded) browsing blogs/news/Facebook newsfeed

A friend and fellow-blogger recently published this post about how we spend our time on social media. And it made me realize that the computer is a HUGE part of why I’ve been so unproductive this summer. Truth be told, I’ve spent quite a bit of my time on the internet this summer. I know I can’t go completely computer or internet free (neither do I want to) but I do need to be more intentional about how I spend my time. This is a small step. But maybe it will help.
If I don’t…Then I have to cut myself off from “fun” internet: Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, blog browsing etc. for 3 days

2) Write letter to my futures self

Maybe I’ll have some motivation for this as I start my sophomore year
If I do…ice cream is called for 🙂

3) Do the stuff i should before I head off to school

This includes: pay my tuition bill, edit my uncle’s book, help my brother with the essays he has to write before the beginning of the school year, hopefully make my memorabilia book (?), pack, and make a road trip playlist.
If I…actually, I’m not going to assign a consequence for this one.

4) Take an awesome road trip with my roomie out to school, also see beautiful Colorado

This is a goal that is all but guaranteed.
If I do…I get to enjoy that 😉

5) Survive and thrive!

Next week I’ll be helping with a VBS. Then I’ll be heading out to school the 13th and 14th of this month. I’ll go on a 2 day retreat with the other college ministry student leaders. Then, we’ll have a week of training. We’ll help with move ins, and send-off Masses. And, eventually, classes will start the 28th. It’s going to be a lot of fun! But probably kinda crazy.
If I do…I’ll get to relax and hang with my friends resting in the knowledge of all I’ve made it through.

There you have it! I didn’t assign myself anything very big this month, because I know I’m going to have plenty on my plate (see number 5). I’m going to have plenty to do. Check back at  the end of the month to see how I did with these goals!


4 thoughts on “2013 Goals: July Review/August Goals

  1. Hahaha! We all know #5 had absolutely NOTHING to do with those cones, huh? Ha! I would probably waive it too 🙂

    And OMG, whenever I get less productive than I should be, I can just trace it back to the dang ol’ internet. What a motivation sucker! It was so good to have drastically less of it this past week, and man. I can see a huge sudden change in my attitude when I’m back on it. Um, no. Ew. Definitely going to be working on chucking this one out the window, and we can work on it together! It’ll be worth it!!

    • Absolutely worth it! The internet just sucks me in sometimes. And then what am I doing? Anything productive? Or reasonably good for me?
      Between blog browsing, Facebook surfing, and Pinteresting my day is gone and I still have other things to do.
      We should totally work on this one together and try to keep each other accountable! 🙂

    • I’ve never even seen mountains (born and raised in the midwest) so it’s going to be quite the experience! 🙂

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