7 Quick Takes (Vol. 18)

— 1 —

Wow that’s right it’s Friday. hehe

— 2 —

I went shopping with an old friend today. We had fun and I found a cute dress.  And I got a surprise at the register–the dress was on sale 🙂 We went to a few different places, including 2 stores that just opened. We also found a nice little juice bar and got smoothies.

— 3 —

My post about charting which you can find here got a number of views this week. I’m glad to see it was popular. It was a post I considered not publishing but, I’m glad I did. Stay tuned for more as I get myself going in the world of charting.  🙂

— 4 —

Summer is almost over. In about 2 1/2 weeks I’ll be heading out to Colorado and from there road trip with my roommate to college in Kansas. Then the true adventure begins. I’ll be taking 18 credit hours, doing my ministry work, hopefully spending time with my friends and suitemates, and hopefully working a part time job a few hours a week. Speaking of work…

— 5 —

I only have one more week of work at my summer waitressing job! It’s been…interesting. There have been bad days, good days, boring days, crazy days. I’ve certainly gotten more comfortable at my job, even to the point of feeling like an old pro (at times). But…I’m going to be quite fine with it being over. Time to look forward to my next job I guess. I’m hoping to have something on campus this semester, possibly at our mailroom.

— 6 —

This week is World Youth Day. AND there’s going to be a flashmob! How awesome is that! It’s in honor of Pope Francis, will be set to a song written for the occasion, and will take place on Sunday.

Find out more here:

See the complete instructions here (though the choreographers are speaking Portuguese, but you can still see what they’re doing obviously):

— 7 —

Well, this is late enough as it is. So…Have a great weekend everyone and here’s a cute picture 🙂

kids holding hands
“Siblings” via morguefile.com

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