7 Quick Takes (Vol. 12)


— 1 —

Father’s Day! To all dads:I hope you know what an impact you can have on your children. Your actions and words, for good or ill, can influence much in your child’s life. Happy Father’s Day to all dads, especially my own.

— 2 —

I found a summer job! This week so much has happened. On Wednesday I went into a cafe to apply for a job. I filled out the application and, since she wasn’t busy, the executive chef talked to me for a bit. She told me to come in Saturday morning. So I did. Part of the time I shadowed and then I waitressed my own tables.

— 3 —

Only, it’s not that simple…(but when is it?) The first day was rough. I was there for over 8 hours and completely lost. But I got through, I guess. Moreover, on Friday, I was contacted about a nannying position. It would pay better, have consistent hours, and be something I could enjoy. I’m praying that I get the job, but also that God’s will be done.

— 4 —

I had a scare with my computer earlier today. I thought I might have downloaded a virus. But my resident IT serviceperson/brother told me it was just a fierce ad pop-up and that there’s nothing to worry about. So…

— 5 —

Civil disobedience would be necessary according to my priest. During his homily at today’s Mass, he spoke of the Fortnight for Freedom (a call from the bishops to pray and fast for religious liberty, true marriage, and other issues) and Obamacare’s HHS Mandate. Starting August 1 almost all health insurance will have to provide for contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients. As he said, as Catholics this is against our conscience. We cannot go along with an unjust law such as this one. Therefore, civil disobedience may not only be morally allowable but morally obligatory.

— 6 —

I’m almost done with How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your SoulHopefully I’ll finish it quick and have a blog post up soon. This will be a hard post to write. Soulmate has been a personal and emotional book for me. Hopefully, though, I can share some of the wisdom I’ve learned from it.

— 7 —

Random Catholic Sightings! Today, I saw 2 separate instances of Catholicism. At the store, I saw a man buying quite a large quantity of food, including almost 100 cans of soda. The list he kept referring to was on a piece of paper, on the corner of which was an image of St. Anthony of Padua holding the Infant Jesus. Then when we were out at dinner, I caught sight of a man’s scapular. It’s just great to see these things and remember that Catholics are around me…even though I’m away from school.

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