7 Quick Takes (Vol. 11)


— 1 —

Adventures in roofing! This week, I haven’t had as much time on my hands for blogging because my family has been busy redoing our roof. I did go up on the roof, though I didn’t think I would before. It was…not good, at first. It’s not that I’m afraid of heights it’s that I’m afraid of falling. But I got used to it and even survived getting on and off the ladder and onto the roof. A couple of my uncles came up to help and they and members of my family made up the work crew. We worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday a bit, then took Thursday off (it was wet that day). We worked Friday (which is when I first went up). And Saturday we finished. Now there’s a new roof above my head that supposed to last for 40 years. To celebrate a job well done we had homemade milkshakes. Yum!  Chocolate! 🙂

— 2 —

I knew this week would inspire me to get more scheduled. All this work and productivity was a proverbial kickstart. Now I just have to follow through. Writing this post actually reminds me that I intended to make up a schedule. So that’s certainly on my to do list this evening. There’s a number of things I want to include: exercise, prayer, math practice, tutoring my brother, job searching perhaps. And of course, I should include time for blogging.

— 3 —

What companies can I support? As a Catholic, I believe that there are certain things I can not support, maybe not even indirectly. This is something that’s come up again for me since I got home. What companies can I support? When does guilt become guilt by association? Does money have to be getting back to Planned Parenthood before we boycott a company? What if we’re just supporting a company that has ties to an organization that gives to Planned Parenthood or a similar organization? Or what if there aren’t any alternatives? I’ve been told that we shouldn’t be too zealous about this. But at the same time, we should be wise stewards of our money. So where’s the line? 

— 4 —

Patience is a virtue. A friend reminded me recently of this old saying. My mom used it on us as kids and I’ve heard it plenty. As I’m living at home, in this tightly-packed house with my parents and my 7 siblings, sharing my room with my sisters, and having to work with my mom’s schedule–it seems very appropriate.

— 5 —

Homeschooling enrollment is up according to this article. The article also debunks some of the myths around homeschooling, including that homeschoolers don’t get enough socialization for their own good. The article quotes from a report saying that homeschooled kids have “‘healthy social, psychological, and emotional development, and success into adulthood'”. As someone who was homeschooled I love to here positive things about that method of education and those who were educated that way. If you’d like to learn more about homeschooling myths (and potentially laugh) check out this video from Blimeycow:

— 6 —

I just read a great article about Sedevacantist nuns who returned to full communion with the Church. The article gives a depiction of Sedevacantism too and tells an engaging story. I guess I never realized that there’s a whole network of Sedevacantists. It’s intriguing to note that the article makes the Sedevacantists out to be an extreme form of Traditionalists. The so called “cult-like” practice of the organization are also mentioned. It’s great to hear stories of people recognizing the truth of the faith, these sisters were quite brave to leave all they had known for so long. Welcome home sisters!

— 7 —

I’ve been thinking about the direction of my blogging. Honestly, I haven’t determined anything. But one topic that interests me (so much that I recently gave it it’s own Pinterest board) is femininity. Alternately I could write on Catholicism, teaching, discernment, being a college student…or all of the above. I’m a Catholic, a woman, a college student, a future teacher, an on-and-off discerner, a sister, daughter…I guess there’s a few things to go off of. I’m thinking something with Catholicism and/or femininity probably. I guess I just need to figure out where exactly I should go. Any thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes (Vol. 11)

  1. I think you should blog about whatever you want! I thought about that for a while, and knew that becoming a “niche” blogger would have a more steady following. But then I figured, hey, that I’ll write about all sorts of things, and they all make me who I am. I decided to blog as myself (and all the crazy parts that are included) and not just as a Catholic or a student, etc.

    Also, I love that board, which you probably know since I almost re-pinned everything 🙂 Being a woman is awesome, and being a Catholic one is even better. I can’t wait to do our “What Catholic girls say” video when we get back!!!!!!!

    • You have a point. I guess I don’t want to limit myself. Also, that video is going to be so much fun!! 🙂

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