Pro-Life Options: 2 Stories, Different Choices

Today I read two very different news articles. They were both about unwanted babies. Both about Asia. But while one horrified me the other gave me hope.

The first story is this one about a baby boy who was discovered inside a sewage pipe in China. Apparently the mother didn’t want her child, just a few days old, and attempted to flush him. Some people heard the baby crying and called the fire department. They were able to rescue him and get him to a hospital. He is reported to be in stable condition.

This is sad. It’s disturbing really. As I first looked at the article I wondered if it was true. I mean really, this happened? When I saw that it happened in China the story suddenly became less surreal. Yes. This happened. Thankfully, the baby was saved. But the fact that this happened at all…it just shows how little our society respects life.

The second story, is a much better story to tell. It’s about a pastor in South Korea who is saving the lives of unwanted babies. In South Korea, many babies are simply abandoned, similar to how the baby boy in China was abandoned. In response, the pastor installed a box on the side of his home. Mothers can drop babies who are unwanted for any reason in the box which is warm, lit, and layered with a thick towel. There is a sign that translated reads  “place to leave babies”. Many women have taken advantage of this “drop box” for babies. And consequently these babies have been saved. A documentary has even been made about it. (I haven’t watched it, but it’s supposed to be good.)

Isn’t that a happier story? It brings me joy to see people helping the most vulnerable: unwanted babies. Now these little ones have a chance at life.

What changes a situation like the baby in China, one full despair and abandonment, to that of the baby drop box, so positive and brimming with an all-accepting love? It’s the people. Those mothers in South Korea might have abandoned their children, as the mother in China did, had they not seen that box. It’s thanks to that pastor and those who work with him that those babies are alive. They were the ones who gave those mothers the opportunity to love their children.

This is what saves babies: options and the people behind them. This is why pregnancy resource centers, adoption agencies, and caring, helpful friends are so important in the pro-life movement. I think sometimes a woman in a crisis pregnancy feels trapped. But if you open the door–or box–she can make the choice to save her child. This is hope. This is love.


2 thoughts on “Pro-Life Options: 2 Stories, Different Choices

  1. “But if you open the door–or box–she can make the choice to save her child. This is hope. This is love.” Indeed! Let’s pray there will be more people who are willing to open their hearts and arms to abandoned babies and children everywhere. Every life is precious, and everyone, from the greatest to the least, should be treated with dignity and respect. Only when we stop killing and start protecting the most vulnerable members of our society will we be able to create a better and more beautiful future.

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