7 Quick Takes (Vol. 8)


— 1 —

I forgot to say last week…I had an interesting experience during my layover in Chicago. I got to help a foreign lady use a pay phone. Random, I know. I walked past the gate where my flight would leave a few hours later and continued down the terminal almost aimlessly. Then she pulled me aside and asked for my help. It was interesting, not least because I myself had never used a pay phone. She and I managed to communicate and I managed to understand the sign enough to place the call. Looking back, it was really cool. Not everyday you get to do a random act of kindness at the airport.

— 2 —

Abby and I.  Earlier this week Abby Johnson, a great leader in the pro-life movement, shared this on her Facebook:

Abby Johnson Plane

So while she evangelized this way, I did my more subtle though arguably less impactful assistance. What I did wasn’t much, and it wasn’t the biggest thing I could have done I guess. But I think we all evangelize in different ways. We each have different talents. Abby Johnson has the talent of being a bold, courageous, no-nonsense kind of person.

— 3 —

This week was my birthday. I celebrated by going out with some lovely and hilarious ladies. My mom and godmother took me to Mass (yes we’re just that Catholic), lunch, and shopping at Hobby Lobby and Barnes and Noble. Crafts/decorating and books what could be better?

— 4 —

Today I’ve been working on calculating how much it would be to study abroad. It’s not as much as I thought I calculated earlier in the week…but that’s not including travel in Europe. Also, do I really want to go Italy and compartmentalize myself to only a few days in Ireland? But, as I was reminded this week, I have to be realistic. Money is money. And I can only afford so much. Moreover, do I really want to be by myself in Europe? Probably not for a full semester.

— 5 —

Still in need of a summer job. I honestly haven’t been working on the search this week, but tomorrow I’ll get back into it. We’ll see what comes of it… Prayers please!

— 6 —

The offensiveness of “handicapped” signs. I never would have noticed this before my intro to special education class. But today we were driving down the road and I saw a sign. The top had your typical handicapped symbol:


on a yellow sign and beneath that were the words “deaf child”. Well, here’s the thing….deaf children aren’t in wheelchairs normally, and if they are it’s not because of their deafness. Yet, generally when someone says “handicapped” what do we think? We think of wheelchairs. Why? Many who people who would be considered “handicapped” or who have a disability are not in wheel chairs: the deaf, the blind, those with learning disabilities or autism. Some might say that this symbol is easily recognizable and so when you’re flying down that residential street at 45 mph this let’s you know something’s up. Sure, I grant you. But what does it let you know is up? If you don’t have time to read the words you can only speculate as to whether the child represented is actually in a wheelchair, or if they’re blind, or have autism. In certain situations a general broad brush symbol may be necessary, but is it necessary here? Is this sign helping to perpetuate an inaccurate stereotype?

— 7 —

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