After One Year of College: What I’ve Learned, What I’ve Done

A lot of the time we think that college is almost a waste of money, that all it’s really good for is giving us a piece of paper that hypothetically helps us get a job. I don’t argue that college is expensive. And I certainly don’t argue that it can help you get a job. But there are a few things that college has done for me after just one year that go beyond a piece of paper. Here are some of them…

Things I’ve learned and/or realized in my first year of college:

  • Your friends make all the difference
  • Home is not perfect
  • I like to be in control of my own schedule and know what’s coming, also
  • My planner is my best friend
  • Some professors really care
  • There’s so much I should have done differently in high school
  • I like to have my mom to talk to
  • The city of Kansas City actually spans 2 states
  • What an ectopic pregnancy actually is
  • The 4 temperaments and my temperament as a high-functioning phlegmatic/melancholic
  • You can open your textbook once and still get an A in some classes (certainly doesn’t work in most classes)
  • I need to control my emotions more and grow in temperance, fortitude, and charity
  • I can ace an interview
  • I have the spirit of an English major
  • I don’t have to write fiction, I can live without it
  • I have a tendency to let my friends distract me when I should be studying
  • Gummy bears can be motivation for studying
  • 5 hours really isn’t enough sleep
  • I love Nanny 911
  • English majors can be kinda eccentric or pretty quiet
  • Follow your dream
  • Certain things are worth getting up at 7am on a Saturday
  • I need to investigate vaccines more
  • You can get to know people pretty well pretty fast (like you’ll understand the meaning of an eyebrow raise after 8 mos.)
  • I rely on my phone, a lot
  • I’m actually a good student
  • The “Catholic bubble” can be dangerous
  • Just how stupid and non-loving most movie romances are
  • I don’t want TV to be the center of my house
  • Nutella is yummy
  • Kids need structure
  • People-first language
  • Get down to your student’s eye level
  • PTSD symptoms can be found in urban youth
  • “Disability is a natural part of the human experience”
  • A little bit about ABA therapy for children with autism
  • I’ve learned to let go a little bit
  • Special education really interests me
  • When it comes to the grounds for a solid friendship the deeper issues like family and morals matter much more than the shallow ones like what type of movies you enjoy
  • I go to a pretty amazing college πŸ™‚
  • BC is where God meant me to be

Things I’ve done in my first year of college

  • Been about 3 yards away from Paul Ryan
  • Aced an interview
  • Went to my first March for Life, which means I also
  • Survived a 26 hour bus ride to the March, and
  • Visited D.C. for the first time, and
  • Saw the Library of Congress
  • I Saw Rick Santorum speak
  • Got onto Pinterest
  • Heard Immaculee Ilibagiza speak
  • Stayed in a hotel with some great girl friends
  • Went on a trip to Kansas City’s Plaza shopping district
  • Went to the Nelson-Atkins art museum
  • Went to the National World War I Memorial
  • Successfully wore a beanie for a week
  • Lived independently
  • Donated blood for the first time
  • Went 48 hours without my cell phone, Pinterest, or Facebook
  • Persevered in my dream to go to Europe (so far…)
  • Used nail stickers
  • Calculated expenses
  • Declared my major in Elementary Education with concentrations in English and Special Ed
  • Nurtured my faith-life
  • Saw Matt Maher in concert
  • Saw Audrey Assad in concert
  • Prayed outside of an abortion clinic
  • Saw Archbishop Naumann of KCK at least 3 times, probably more
  • Got on the Dean’s List first semester
  • Got on the President’s List second semester
  • Made it to daily Mass a lot
  • Went to a emotional panel of post-abortive women
  • Was signed up for an hour of Adoration each week of second semester
  • Was offered a position with campus ministry and the scholarship to go with it
  • Successfully helped out at Baccalaureate Mass; our work got a resounding approval from our chaplain/boss
  • Heard Leah Darrow speak
  • Had my first real job
  • Went swing dancing
  • Learned the nightclub two step dance
  • Voted for President
  • Stayed up to watch part of the St. Kateri canonization Mass
  • Was a tutor/teacher’s aid as part of my Intro to Ed class
  • Completed a 10 page paper
  • Hosted a prospie (prospective student)
  • Started a blog πŸ˜‰
  • Was part of a chorale group
  • Rested in the peace of knowing BC is where I was meant to be

I always knew college would be about a lot more than just book-learning for me. But I don’t think I realized how much I would accomplish and learn and do. And this is only after one year!


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