Assessment of 2013 Goals: April

I realize that I’m about 12 days late in writing this, but during those 12 days I’ve done a lot! So, without further excuses…

This was my last full month of freshman classes but I did accomplish some things.

1) donate blood. I actually did this! It wasn’t too bad. But, just so you, I don’t recommend skipping breakfast the day after you give blood. Just trust me on this. No matter how much homework you have to do, you still need to eat.

8) get a summer job. I applied for a few. Haven’t gotten anything definite yet.

9) take a summer class or 2. Well, I was registered for one, but I then learned that it didn’t satisfy the proper things, blah blah etc…so I dropped it. I was mainly taking it to ensure that i graduated on time and because I thought it would make it easier to fit in studying abroad. As it turns out though, I can finish my major and spend a semester abroad without summer classes.

13) be a better person. I hope I’ve been working on this one…

So this was a short review, but I’ll be back in a couple weeks to talk about studying abroad and learning Spanish.


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