7 Quick Takes (Vol. 5) I’m Back!


— 1 —

I’m back!! The last month or so I’ve neglected these 7 quick takes posts as well as this blog generally speaking. But now I’m back. And as the school year end and summer begins I’ll hopefully have more time to blog away. On to my life.

— 2 —

I gave blood this week! On Thursday my college was hosting a blood drive so I went in and gave blood. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. It wasn’t very hard at all. I did feel some side effects afterwards, but I also skipped breakfast the next day.

— 3 —

 I love my college. This week at Benedictine we saw the biannual Jam for Lamb musical talent show (some acts of which were hilarious) as well as the first annual Color Run and the 30th year of Springfest. A Color Run, if you don’t know (which is ok because I didn’t at first), is a 5k during which people throw colorful powder all over you. A couple of my friends did it and enjoyed it. At Jam for the Lamb we had an awesome performance by the 4 guys who will be joining seminaries this fall. It was their send-off. So proud that my school has *4* future-seminarians.

— 4 —

Finals are coming! *cue scary music*  I actually have my first this Tuesday. It’s a biology lab practical, and well, we’ll see how that goes. After that I’ve got 3 tests, a take home project (in addition to the test for that class), and 3 papers (one of which is in addition to a traditional test). There will be lots of popcorn and chocolate these next 10 days.

— 5 —

Summer is coming! *cue fun music* In two weeks I’ll be home with my family. I’ll hopefully find a job and spend my summer working, hanging out with friends, and doing lots of reading. (I actually have a potential nannying job, so please keep that in your prayers.)

— 6 —

College Ministry. This fall I’ll be working with my college’s ministry team as the editor of the Sunday bulletin. I’m really excited! I’ve been shadowing the person who has it now and getting to know the position. As part of it I also write the petitions and help out at Sunday Mass, as well as schedule people who volunteer for Eucharistic Adoration slots.

— 7 —

Time for the Catholic meme of the day from catholicmemes.com


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