7 Quick Takes (Vol 3)–The One About Airports


— 1 —

I originally wrote this offline because I was at the airport and the wifi was being funny. Actually, weird is more like it. So, after arriving back at campus it’s not time to tweak and post my 7 quick takes for this week.

— 2 —

I can listen to three songs on repeat without getting tired of them (for a while). I did other things at the same time mind you. I was working on crossword puzzles and blogging and listening to “boarding group 5, welcome to board”. I guess being able to listen continuously like that is a good thing. I only have 3 songs downloaded onto itunes and no CDs with me, so it works. Normally I listen to my Pandora account. But like I said, wi-fi….

— 3 —

In case you’re wondering the three songs are Born Again (Miracles Edition) by the Newsboys, The Struggle by Tenth Avenue North, and A Way to See in the Dark by Jason Gray. Yes they’re all christian music, get over it. I got them free too with a e-coupon. #frugality

— 4 —

I haven’t really done any homework on my Spring Break. Guess I know what I’m doing when I get back to my dorm. Okay, that’s a lie. I’ll do it tonight (what’s due tomorrow at least) but certainly not right away.  <–I wrote this earlier while at the airport. I’m now in my dorm and haven’t cracked a book. I know myself so well.

— 5 —

I’ve been thinking about my future (when don’t I?). Yesterday and today really drove home something for me. If I get married I hope my husband loves playing with kids. When I was waiting for my flight I saw a young man take the time to help a mom out with hes fussy two-year-old by playing catch with him. It made me smile to watch. People should do stuff like that more often.

— 6 —

The other thing I was thinking about was where I want to live after I graduate. I haven’t decided, but odds are I’ll wind up back in my family’s area, at least at first. I guess we’ll see where I get a job. That’s going to be the deciding factor.

— 7 —

Well, 7 already! I’m getting pretty good at these. Over break I read a blog post about chivalry that called it sexism. So prepare for a post in the next few days about my thoughts on chivalry and how amazing it is.



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