International Women’s Day?! Say What?!

Did you know that today, March 8th 2013, is International Women’s Day? Neither did I until I saw it as Google’s logo-of-the-day. Then a couple posts came up on my newsfeed. And I figure, what the heck why not blog about it? Well I went back to Google and clicked on the logo which connected me to a search for “International Women’s Day” and to the International Women’s Day website. There I did a little digging.

First, their home page proudly displayed this banner:
Women's Day Banner

Personally, this kind of language always throws up the “danger leftwing jargon ahead!” warning flag. But hey, maybe “publishing a page” is a way I could share my blog post (once I actually finish it) and my thoughts with these lovely left-leaning ladies.

But no. It wasn’t. It was more like a list of their sponsors. One of the most prominent being WAGGS, the World Organization of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides, that is the Girl Scouts’ parent company. For those of you who don’t know WAGGS is quite the supporter of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Yeah, that was not good news for me. I clicked through. Maybe WAGGS just puts on an event for this made up holiday(the website was kind of vague).

That’s when I saw something that made me sick (though it that point it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise). One of the very first lines about WAGGS on the International Women’s Day website said proudly that 50% of the website’s advertising revenue is donated to WAGGS annually.

I admit that International Women’s Day’s connection to Planned Parenthood and abortion is indirect but it’s enough to let me decide to never visit their website again. I certainly don’t need to be supporting that.

Then there’s the hypocrisy. I can see the appeal of donating to WAGGS and Girl Scouts. On the surface, their a lovely organization for young girls. However, scratch even a little at that surface and you start to see the truth. The notion that an organization that is supposedly so pro-woman (such as Girl Scouts or International Women’s Day) would support abortion which injures and kills so many women both born and unborn every year is truly hypocrisy.

Why is it that feminism and being pro-woman also means supporting things like abortion? It seems like so many organizations that claim to be pro-woman are pro-choice as well.

But I digress. In the grand scheme of things, International Women’s Day is just one day. One more misguided attempt to “empower” women. One more made up holiday. Why do women need a holiday anyways? Are we women so uncomfortable being women that we need a day to celebrate it, or are we just vain? According to the lovely banner above, one would suppose their fighting for women’s equality, which is a noble goal. Women around the world can often be treated as second-rate, even in America women aren’t treated equal in that they aren’t payed the same for the same job. But shouldn’t that be a year-round goal? Shouldn’t we be striving to make the world better for everyone all the time, and not just one day a year?


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