We’ll miss you Papa Benedict!

Tomorrow, at 1pm central time, Pope Benedict will officially resign. He has led the church for almost eight wonderful years. We admire his faith, his strength, his humility.

I was on Yahoo news looking at an article about Benedict’s last address when I discovered at the bottom of the page a picture gallery of our Pope. Up until this point I really wasn’t very emotional about his resignation. It felt weird and a little sad that the Church wouldn’t have a pope for several days; but it wasn’t until I looked at those beautiful pictures of him that I realized what we are losing. Among the pictures, were pilgrims at this final address and Benedict’s final Sunday angelus. Nuns waved at him, people held banners and signs in many different languages thanking Benedict, saying he’d be missed. And he will be missed by people across the world and close to home. He hasn’t had an easy time of it as pope and for doing all he’s tried to do we thank him. For leading the church we thank him. He will be remembered forever, our german shepherd.

If you’d like to see the picture gallery I’m talking about click here and scroll towards the bottom of the page.

UPDATE: Thought I’d share this cool video as well. As I said, people across the world are thanking our pope (the translations may not be the best but the message is clear): 



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