7 Quick Takes–The First of Many?? ( vol. 1)

Ok, so, I recognize that since the semester began I really haven’t blogged much. Which is sad. But a friend and fellow-blogger introduced me just yesterday to the idea of “7 Quick Takes Friday” over on the blog  conversiondiary.com. The basic idea is that you give 7 short thoughts for readers to enjoy. Apparently it’s kind of a popular idea and lots of bloggers do their own “7 Quick Takes” each Friday. Well, I decided I would do my own “7 Quick Takes” except on Sundays. Why Sundays? Because Sundays are the day when I have the least amount of homework/class/whatever else (normally at least). So without further ado…


— 1 —

So, this weekend, yeah… Let’s start with that vague and parenthetical “normally at least”.  I usually try to get homework done on Saturdays so I don’t have to do it on the day of rest. This weekend that didn’t happen. I was lazy. I procrastinated. I was moody. And I just didn’t want to do homework. Maybe it’s because Thursday was a snow day or because Friday was horrible, but homework barely happened yesterday. So there’s a bit to do today and tomorrow during lunch and such. Why do I do this to myself?

— 2 —

Friday was bad. I admit it. I was tired, hungry, and forgetful. Then I had an interview for a leadership position next school year. I had a similar interview onWednesday, which went well. But Friday’s interview was not so good. After my Wednesday interview I went to Mass and was very grateful and happy. Friday I also went to Mass after my interview…I was not so happy and warm-fuzzy. But I remember thinking along the lines of “praising God in the storm”.

— 3 —

Today is Benedict XVI’s last Sunday as pope. Here’s a picture from Facebook of his last Sunday Angelus:


Next Sunday…we Catholics we’ll be Pope-less. There’s something both mournful and frightening about that. But we won’t be complete orphans, and I think we know that. Yes I think it will be weird not having a pope until at least the 15th (which is when the conclave that will elect the next pope starts). But the Holy Spirit will guide the Cardinal’s in their decision and guide the Church during this interim.

— 4 —

The Oscars, celebrities, and a non-expensive dress. I decided I’d troll the internet a little, because I feel like I might be running low on ideas and what do I find on the very first page of Yahoo! news? An article about Helen Hun’t Oscar dress. She wore H&M can you believe it?! What a travesty! Faux Pas! But wait, she’s doing it to be green, oh how inspiring!! Okay, green-ness aside it would be kind of cool if she did this for the right reasons. Can you imagine if celebrities actually wore regular clothes? Are re-wore them too? (I’m not be sarcastic now, just so you know.) I mean, what if celebrities actually dressed like people? And didn’t spend zillions of dollars on their red carpet outfits? So, these ideas start circulating in your head until you see the last line of this short article: “accentuating the dress with $700,000 worth of jewelry.” All hope for humble celebrities has died.

— 5 —

I like Ireland, and Irish music.  I keep finding myself daydreaming about traveling there while listening to “Erin Gra Mo Chroi” or something. Someday I might…. Just throwing this out there.

— 6 —

Peanut butter. I need to do something with that jar of peanut butter I have. Cookies perhaps?

— 7 —

Catholic Meme of the Week: (this could be a regular thing perhaps…) This one was posted Friday by the Catholic Memes Facebook page:


Ah Lent!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

So, I actually found this post a little tricky to write…I’m not sure I’ll have 7 thoughts to share…. Maybe this next week I’ll keep track of things I want to share so I can have some ideas ready. Or maybe be a little more whimsical. Well…this has been an adventure…tell me what you think!


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