Snow on My Blog and the True 12 Days of Christmas

Snow Clipart I’m upset. As you’re reading this you may notice little white dots floating down from the top of your screen.Yes, it’s snowing on my blog. Which is actually kind of exciting. Living in America’s midwest nothing says celebrating this time of year more than snow. I will admit snow generally comes most abundantly after Christmas around here, but no one ever prayed for a white Valentine’s Day to my knowledge.

Now, why am I upset you ask? Well, when I changed the settings of my blog to make it snow, I was given only one option: to display the snow until January 4th. My issue is that Christmas doesn’t end until January 6th. Not everyone knows this but the 12 days of Christmas actually start on December 25th; they don’t end there. If you happen to watch ABC Family this might be confusing but trust me. What I’m saying is my true love would be giving my the partridge and pear tree on Christmas day and then, on January 6th, he’d give me the 12 drummers drumming.

Why January 6th? Well, because that’s the Feast of the Epiphany, also known as Three Kings Day, when the church celebrates the day the magi or three kings came to the Baby Jesus and presented their gifts. Now doesn’t that make a lot more sense than just randomly picking December 13th?

To WordPress, I will just say if you’re going to advertise this feature with Christmas songs and Frank Sinatra you could at least keep the snow coming for all of the season.


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